7Descent’s Debut Single “Beverly”

Donna Block
4 min readSep 20, 2021


7Descent (Ishmael Herring (Milo) on vocals, Ed Taylor on guitar, Brian Coffey on bass, and Andrew Cremmins (A.J.) on drums) is a Tennessee-based, hard rock whose sound has been greatly influenced by Judas Priest.

How did you come together to form the band?

Ed and Milo met in November of 2019 through a Craigslist ad Milo had placed as a vocalist looking for a band. It is then that the quest began.

7Descent — how does the name represent your branding?

We wanted a name that was unique and rolled off of the tongue with ease. One that would stand out to where when you heard the name it wasn’t to be confused with anything else. We love how our name and its logo can be used spelled out as 7descent and also our 2nd logo 70 cent using the cent symbol.

Writing from difficult, real-life experiences. What’s the backstory to the first song you wrote together?

The 1st song we wrote together from scratch was a rock ballad of ours called “Glory.” Me and Milo wrote it in my at the time apartment bedroom on a Saturday afternoon around January of 2020. It’s a song about his coming to Nashville from Los Angeles, being homeless on the streets, and the loneliness and suffering that came with it. Finding no glory in life other than his aspirations to someday be recognized through his musical talents through our band. I played the guitar riffs over and over, until the lyrics came from his insides and the life he was currently living.