‘A Wild West Country Banger’ — Stu Basham’s “Who Died and Made You John Wayne”

Stu Basham is starting 2023 with a bang, literally. His new power- packed single “Who Died and Made You John Wayne” has gunshots throughout, creating a western-type setting for a modern dive bar breakup scene.

The inspiration for the song came from writing the title line in a verse of a completely different song. Basham recognized the uniqueness of the title and pivoted turning it into a catchy new Morgan Wallen or Jason Aldean type single. He creates a metaphor that a small town can be like the wild west and his ex is “Stirring up a little small town drama like the ice in her drink.”

With powerful guitars and stops throughout the song, there’s a lot of action as if it were a John Wayne cowboy feature. With lines like “Now you’re tryin to stick me in a pinewood grave, but who died and made you John Wayne” people will relate to how an ex gets away with talking trash about you in a small town destroying your reputation along the way.

Basham is on to something with his latest release and will be building on his momentum in 2023 releasing more singles each month.






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