All About Family — Sofie Lynn’s “Y’all or Nothing”

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6 min readSep 30, 2022

Grew up in Glendora, CA. Rubel Castle, Glendora Mountain Road. Where would you take visitors?

I loved growing up in Glendora! It has that small town feel but is still close enough to get into Downtown LA when you want. If I had someone come visit me there, I would take them to my favorite breakfast spot called Kara’s Korner Deli. I used to go there almost once a week with my grandparents, so much so that the owner Kara became like family to us. Now that my grandparents have both passed, Kara’s Korner Deli has a very special place in my heart.

Baylor University. Personal losses. Moved back home. Focused on putting all of your emotions into songwriting, the one constant in your life. “I thought, ‘This makes me really happy.’” If you were to make a playlist of uplifting country songs, which ones would be in the top five?

I went to Baylor to study nursing, and although most of my time there was amazing (meeting lifelong friends, learning, and growing), I ended up becoming very lost in the drastic change of pace. The only thing that felt like it was holding me together was music. I came back home the summer after my sophomore year and really dug into songwriting and expressing myself in a way I otherwise didn’t know how to. I am so thankful that that journey led me to where I am today.

Top 5 Uplifting Country Songs:

“Baby Girl” — Sugarland

“Stand” — Rascal Flatts

“One Way Ticket (Because I Can)” — LeAnn Rimes

“Don’t Forget to Remember Me” — Carrie Underwood

“I’m Alright” — Jo Dee Messina

“Rooting for You,” co-written with Marlon Lim. Produced by Colt Capperrune. Can you share the song’s backstory?

Marlon and I wrote “Rooting for You” when I first decided I wanted to sing country music. We sat in my little home studio, which was my grandparents’ back house that I convinced them to let me turn into a “studio,” and just started messing around with the idea that even when you break up with someone, you’re still rooting for them. Whether that meant rooting for them in other aspects of their life or holding onto hope that maybe one day you’ll get back together. It’s so cool listening to that song now, three years later, and seeing how much I’ve learned and grown since those days messing around with music in the back house.

Which artist has most influenced you as an artist?

Sugarland — “Stuck Like Glue” was the first song I ever learned how to play on the guitar… I think there might be a video lingering on YouTube somewhere haha! I remember LOVING how all of Sugarland’s music had such a ‘feel good’ feel with a lot of acoustic elements to it.

“If anyone’s ever underestimated you, this song’s for you.” Co-written with Danielle Rosner, Hillary Reynolds, and Kalianne Shorr, “Chess” was played on Paramount TV’s Yellowstone. Read you were visiting family and went to a bar in Big Bear Lake when you got caught up in a fight that broke out. “I just got caught in the crossfire — or the cross-fist, if you will — but it made for a great story and it made for a great song.” Yellowstone director Taylor Sheridan and music supervisor Andrea von Foerster offered you a unique platform, as the only independent female artists featured on the show. What advice would you offer for independent artists seeking to get songs placed on TV?

Make music that tells your story and try to paint the picture with your lyrics. I always like to picture what the music video would look like while I’m writing the song.

“We wrote this song because we wanted something special and unique for our moms for Mother’s Day. Every single detail in the song is specific to us, from matching tattoos to being able to hold liquor like our sisters.” Co-written with Danielle Rosner, Hillary Reynolds, Kalianne Shorr and Maks Gabriel, “Got It From My Mama” had more than two million views when fans were challenged to create their own TikTok videos with the song, resulting in more than 364 thousand responses. (Ed. Note: The song was your first co-write over Zoom during the pandemic.)

What was it like seeing the song go viral on social media?

Writing “Got It From My Mama” was incredibly special for me because it was right around Mother’s Day and I had no idea what to get my mom. Lucky for me, my co-writers were down to write a song all about her! It was so amazing to watch other people relate to the lyrics and sing them to their mom, it really took the song to a whole new place.

Singing the National Anthem to releasing your first single as a solo artist. “Y’all or Nothing” was co-written with Colleen Francis, John Frank, and Claire Carruthers, and produced by Mitch Furr. “Growing up my mom always said, ‘if you don’t have family, you don’t have anything’.” You shared that you wanted to write a song that, as you take on a new chapter in your life, you want your family by your side every step of the way. When your family came to Nashville recently for a visit, they sang the backup vocals on the song, which ties everything together and added that special touch of family. What was their reaction when they first heard the song?

My family absolutely loved the song! They thought it was so fun and they had a blast being the rowdy crowd in the background. I am sure they will listen to it a million times when it comes out just so they can hear themselves say “YEE HAW” haha! Also, Mitch is a saint for letting all 8 of us pile into his studio and hoot and holler.

“…a feeling of ‘home’ like I’ve never felt in Nashville before…” Having your family visit Music City allowed you to be a tourist in your new hometown. Besides hitting Broadway, where else did you explore?

We went to a few of my favorite local spots in town, McNamara’s Irish Pub, that knows how to have a good authentic Irish time, and Game Terminal, an old airplane hanger turned into a vintage arcade game filled with a crazy amount of vintage pinball machines.

Planning your wedding. Family traditions. Can you share a favorite family recipe?

Who knew planning a wedding and getting a puppy all while getting a solo career off the ground would be so crazy! haha I am truly so thankful to stay busy with everything, I like to think I thrive in chaos. My favorite family tradition is making polish pierogies… but it is a secret recipe, so you’ll just have to join us one Christmas to try them!





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