An Anthem to be Bold in Love: Honey County’s “Love Hangover”

Photo Credit: John Hancock Photos

Rooted in southern storytelling, punctuated by pop hooks, and brushed with California sunshine, Honey County is a harmony-heavy country duo featuring Dani Rose and Sofie Lynn. Formed in Los Angeles, the band also has roots in the Bible Belt and Texas. That diversity is reflected in Honey County’s music, a blend of contemporary country and timeless pop/rock that makes room for Nashville twang, West Coast harmonies and everything in between. Rose and Lynn created their own musical landscape: a place where the songs are anthemic, the harmonies are soaring, and two empowered women run the show.

“Love Hangover,” co-written with Hillary Reynolds, came out in time for Valentine’s Day weekend. How did you celebrate release day in Utah?

We have the best celebration story! We were outfitted by one of our favorite women’s ski/snowboard brand, Nils, before leaving for Utah and went for a ride on one of the most epic powder days in Park City! We have some great photos of us playing in the snow in some very legit gear. It was definitely a release day for the books.

Did you get to record in person with drummer Caleb Gilbreath, guitarist Devon Eisenbarger, and bassist Paul Jones?

Everything was done digitally, Maks Gabriel produced the entire song and worked directly with Caleb, Paul and Devon to make the vision come to life! We’re lucky enough to play with these incredible musicians in a live setting and grateful they lent their talents to our new single.

Photo shoot with costume designer Maranda Nichols Persico and makeup artist Felicia Bade. What message does the song’s cover art (photographers Jade-Lorna and Sullivan) represent?

We hope the cover conveys two powerful women unafraid to create their own reality. Maranda did her magic to convey a 70’s vibey and authentically power-female wardrobe, Jade gave us power stance direction on the shoot (thanks Miranda Rae for the lighting!) and Felicia gave us a smokey glam look to match the outfits.

Half Baked Harvest’s Buffalo chicken pizza

“Even when I’m sober I would do it all over again” What would be on the Honey County Kitchen — Love Hangover Edition party menu? And, of course, what signature cocktail would you be serving?

We made a Buffalo chicken pizza (we were turned onto a new Instagram fave Half Baked Harvest by my sister April) during super bowl that definitely left us with a food coma hangover, Drinks menu to include mules, hibiscus spritzers and margaritas.

Fans could enter a giveaway (including a new Honey County hoodie) once they pre-saved the single. Saw you went to Cole Apparel to get some hands-on experience printing the latest merch. What was it like hanging out in the warehouse during the manufacturing process?

It was an amazing experience! We are blessed to work with such a wonderful family-owned business that treats us so well. Owners Tye and Carmel are so lovely, we’d recommend Cole Apparel to anyone with merch needs!

Besides weekly Facebook Lives, how will you be connecting with fans for the new release?

We have a few live outdoor shows planned (one this Sunday at Hanger 24 in Orange County!) and some others in the works. We’ve been doing weekly Facebook Lives on Wednesdays and they’re so fun, it’s been a great way to connect with people!










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