Becky Crosby’s Funky New Release, “Love Like Medicine”

Donna Block
5 min readJun 28, 2023

Montclair, New Jersey native, home to your favorite bagels, a great music scene and, of course, the Jersey Shore. Listened to 70s and 80s rock music, along with 2000s pop/punk, growing up. Started taking voice lessons at age 9 at a local music school. Wrote your first song the next year for your school’s talent show as you were falling in love with performance. Went to a performing arts high school that specialized in classical voice and performed at Carnegie Hall. What was it like to perform on the stage at such a well-known venue as a teen?

It was an amazing experience! I performed as part of a choir with all my high school friends and we had such a fun time. I feel really lucky to have been able to perform at Carnegie Hall in general, but especially at such a young age.

Joined pop/rock bands in your teens, playing your original music publicly for the first time. Musical influences include P!nk, Pat Benatar and Hayley Williams (Paramore). Debut single, “Ghost.” How was your song influenced by these artists?

My first single was heavily influenced by P!nk’s musical style. I love her songs and especially did when I was in high school. Hayley Williams and Pat Benatar are always just influences to me vocally in every song I perform and record.

Wanted to be an archeologist until you went to high school and decided to pursue music. First time truly taking your music seriously came during the Covid pandemic. Turning to music for enjoyment and to keep yourself motivated, this time, and your background, led you to a distinct and eclectic blend of genres. How does writing for multiple genres keep your creativity fresh?

By writing for different genres, I have become comfortable blending different types of music and keeping things interesting. I think it allows for the possibility of new musical aspects to be added in every new tune. When I was younger and writing songs everything was very similar structure-wise and not very exciting. I am really happy to now be making whatever music I feel like is going to groove well and make people happy.

First songs had an electronic/commercial pop vibe. Now your music is a mixture of jazz, soul and funk. What led you to change direction?

Once I started studying jazz music, I just found a new vibe that I loved. I really got into funk music, as well, and wanted to incorporate it into my original songs and style.

Recently completed studies in Jazz at Purchase College. Some of your favorite classes included transcription, ear training and arranging. How have they helped you as a solo artist navigating the creation of your art?

Most of the classes that I took for my major helped me become a better musician in general. When it comes to the writing process, my arranging class really helped me get a better grip on creating horn parts that fit well in my original music. Ear training and transcription just helped bring my musicianship to a higher level.

Being a female in the music industry. Learning to take your time and make the music you love and think others will too. What advice would you give other young females looking to get into the industry?

Be you and be confident about it. You dont need everyone’s approval for your music or for you. It’s all about making the music you love and listening to your gut.

“Love Like Medicine,” originally written as a traditional positive love song. After a period of time you decided to write it to reflect how it feels to have anxiety and how there are times when only a specific person/thing can make you feel better. Single cover art by Chicago based Shanconart. How has Shannon captured the message of the song in her artwork?

Shannon did so amazing with this cover art! She really got the vibe that I was going for. I was looking for something with a 70’s feel to go along with the funkiness of the song and she captured it so well.

Working on the next single, “Happy Lonely.” Will the new music continue along the same theme as your current release?

This next song is actually not a pop/funk song. It still has similar aspects, but I would say it is definitely rockier than “Love Like Medicine.” It’s influenced by Paramore’s older music and it’s a very fun tune to perform with my band.

Summer tour dates in New York and New Jersey. Dream venues in the area you’d like to play?

One day I would love to play The Stone Pony Summerstage, Webster Hall and Irving Plaza. I have seen some amazing shows there and would love a chance to perform on the stages.

Learning to juggle. You shared how proud you were of this accomplishment. How does challenging yourself outside of music help you grow as a musician?

I think pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is important. I like to try new things whenever I can. I think it helps me to grow as a person and it gives me more experiences to draw off of when I am writing music.







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