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Behind the Scenes: Courtney Dickinson’s “See You Here”

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See You Here” is the follow up to Courtney Dickinson’s last Top 40 single, “Freedom”. The song offers a glimpse of the meaningful relationships and memories shared between Dickinson and her grandparents. The single evokes the nostalgia and sentimental feelings she experienced following their passing, with lyrics so tangible that anyone who has experienced loss in their own life will find themselves recalling memories of the past with understanding company.

Writing letters is a lost art, but “See You Here” is like a letter of tribute to your grandparents. How did writing the choruses help you process your feelings since they’ve passed?

The choruses of this song helped me process my feelings in many ways. Ever since they’ve passed, I’ve been able to feel them close to me in many moments. They aren’t physically on earth anymore, but in different situations in my life, I’ve felt them. I’ve also been able to picture just what they would say if they were standing next to me. The choruses were exactly what I wanted to express — I miss them so much, but I know they live on in my memories.

Experiencing some of your life’s big moments (college graduation, marriage) without them inspired you to write the song. How hard was it to capture your relationship with each into the verses?

I was so lucky to have such personal and special relationships with all three of my grandparents. They had a large impact on the person I am today. Trying to capture 17–22 years of relationships in a song was extremely hard. How can you even summarize such close and meaningful relationships in less than three minutes, especially two verses? I tried my best to put small pieces of each one of my grandparent in the verses.

Definitely resonated with me when you said that you truly see/feel them in your everyday life. Thought too of Kellie Pickler’s song “My Angel” and how her grandmother is her guardian angel. Can you describe what it was like the first time you played the song for your family?

I was very nervous to play the song for my family for the first time. It is such a personal song, and of course I wanted them to like it. I also was afraid the song would upset them and didn’t want anyone to cry and bring up all the emotions again. But at the end of day, that’s what a good song does, it makes us feel and remember.

You expressed hope that sharing your very personal memories will help others find some comfort. What have fans shared with you in response to the lyrics?

Friends and fans have shared their own personal stories and memories with me as a response to this song. I absolutely love it when someone says they can relate to it and shares with me how the song has touched them personally! People have shared that the song made them think about memories and stories that they haven’t thought about in awhile. Fans, friends, and family have been able to place their own personal memories in the song. That’s exactly the result I was hoping for too!

We all have songs that remind us of special memories. Which songs did you listen to with your grandparents that now help you remember special times with them?

I can’t remember a specific song that we listened to, but I do have fond memories with them around music. My Nana had the radio on all the time. She listened to country radio during the day in the kitchen/living room and at night next to her bed. I remember spending the night with her and always falling asleep next to the radio playing country music. My Pop had a small radio that he played at his barn, it was on 24 /7. He said it kept animals away at night. My Granny loved traditional Country and always played my music to anyone who visited. I would laugh when her friends would say “your Grandmother played your music for me”.








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