Behind The Scenes: Krista Angelucci’s “Jungle” Music Video

Pop/country artist Krista Angelucci is no stranger to the spotlight. A native of Billerica, Massachusetts, Angelucci first fell in love with country music through artists like Martina McBride, Jessica Andrews, Amy Grant, and Faith Hill. “I’ve been singing as long as I can remember,” she says. “At eight years old I had my first solo in church, and it was probably around then that my family realized singing was already my passion.

“Jungle”. Can you share your memories of the song co-write with Shannon McArthur?

I knew as soon as we started that it could possibly be my next single. The song kind of flowed out easy for us. The whole time I just felt like a part of me was pouring out. Shannon is an amazing writer who I have always worked well with. He’s one of the first friends I met in Nashville and one of my favorite people!

Listen to “Jungle”.

Watch the “Jungle” Video.

Did Rudyard Kipling’s book inspire the write?

In a way! Although while writing I was picturing the Disney version. I use to watch that movie a lot growing up. I’ve always loved Disney and animals. So the hook idea came about through all of that.

Visualizing and creating the storyboard. How did you choose location, the Myrtle Beach Safari, to film the video?

I had been going back can forth with the video director, Doltyn Snedden, about a storyboard and location for awhile. It was like a big “dream come true” moment when the Myrtle Beach Safari opportunity came along. Doc Antle, who founded the Safari, his son Kody, and their whole team thought the song was a great fit.

#janeandtarzan Kody Antle brought Tarzan to life. What was your favorite part of the shoot with him?

Kody is such great guy and legit the real life Tarzan! He grew up with these animals and one of my favorite things was seeing his connection with them. I learned so much just from the few days I spent there. I had so much fun being able to film this with Kody. He did an unbelievable job!

Can you describe the moment you arrived on set and saw your song coming to life?

What a dream experience! I mean I’m STILL smiling from it all. The first scene we shot was in the tree.

Me and Kody were up in this tree with hundreds of ants on us. Pretty sure my hand was in the ant hub! Whole time I’m trying to hold on while these ants were crawling down my arm haha. But I was in heaven hanging out with the Gibbon monkeys!

The whole shoot was magical and just watching it all piece together over the next two days was really cool.

Sugriva and Vali. Humans are 96% similar to chimps. What, if anything, surprised you working with the chimps on set?

Oh my gosh! Sugriva and Vali are extremely smart! I was in tears laughing while watching them go through my suitcase. They were so excited to open it up and try things on. I was just amazed seeing them try on the clothes and headphones. They really do have their own personalities, too. So fun to see! You can follow them on Instagram at @chimpbrothers to learn more about these two amazing guys!

Did you teach Vali to play “Jungle” on the piano?

No, but that would have been amazing and I don’t doubt he could do it. Maybe some day they’ll try.

What was the greatest challenge filming?

Hmmm there’s always small challenges when filming any video, especially outside. We were so blessed with great weather! There were small challenges like the lighting at times.

You’d think the animal shots would be challenging but they were not at all. We let most everything just go naturally and therefore it was so authentic. Doc is really good with not “over doing” anything with the animals beyond what they want to do. He knows the animals so well; it’s incredible really.

Saw T.I.G.E.R.S. Wildlife Preserves founder Doc Antle previously worked on Ace Ventura, Dr. Doolittle, Mighty Joe Young — along with Disney’s Jungle Book. Did he work with director Doltyn Snedden on the video shoot?

Yes! Doc and Doltyn had to do a lot of communicating. Both of them are incredible at what they do. Doltyn had a vision in mind and Doc helped bring this to life!

#savetheapessavetheworld Can you share what work the Myrtle Beach Safari is doing through their Rare Species Fund?

SO MUCH! The RSF provides funding and education to international wildlife conservation programs. They’ve helped rebuild research stations, worked with other programs to help villagers find solutions that are not harmful to the environment and animal population, help bring the tigers to preservations, rebuilding natural habitats, and much more! It’s amazing to read up on everything they’ve done and to see the root of many issues. I strongly encourage everyone to head over to and to find out more!

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