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Behind the Songs: Gavin Lee

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Gavin Lee’s songs showcase his down home, dirt roads, hardworking man upbringing. His lyrics reflect real life issues we all experience. The traditional-alternative country artist moved to Nashville five years ago from Florida to pursue his dream of singing full time.

Raised in Florida, on the beach, always outside and sunburned. At 13, you got into music as a way to deal with your parents’ divorce. Which singer/songwriters influenced you to become a country music artist?

Tim McGraw, Rodney Atkins, Eric Church, Jason Aldean, George Strait and Alan Jackson.

You’ve said without your mom and stepdad you might not have graduated high school. His offer of his 1992 Chevy 1500 once you got your diploma is the backstory to your song “Old Chevy.” Which lyric is your favorite from the song and why?

“She still drives true and this old truck and I are gonna miss you.” Because she still runs and drives and I feel like that truck and me do miss my step dad.

You first learned to play when a church member shared simple chords on his acoustic electric Ivan Head black guitar. However, you found your finger coordination closer to that of Ted Nugent’s rather than Jimi Hendrix’s. For those new to guitar playing, how did you choose your current Martin model?

Went to Guitar Center and it was all I could afford at the time. Plus the sound was clean and crisp.

You see yourself more as a singer than songwriter, ala Jason Aldean. What is the best way for new, independent artists to connect to songwriters in Nashville?

Get lucky and hoping someone wants to work with you.

Playing “Beautiful Crazy” for Tyler Farr on his 1927 Gibson guitar in his garage while drinking his vodka. Can you share some other ‘pinch me’ career moments to date?

The first time I saw my song “Old Chevy” on the jukebox.

Goal oriented. What’s on your music bucket list?

To follow my dreams and be successful in the music business as we know it today.

Legendary. What does it mean to be legendary as an artist?

You are never forgotten. Your songs will live on forever, like “Sweet Home Alabama” and “Freebird.”

Thanking your mom, your stepdad, your friends, your fans for the opportunity to pursue a career in music. Now recording new music and soon to be releasing a new single. What’s ahead for the music industry in 2021?

Hopefully we can get back out on the road and do some touring.






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