“Bend The Truth” Alexis Taylor

Donna Block
6 min readJun 28, 2019


Growing up in Huntsville, Ontario, Canada, singer/songwriter Alexis Taylor found herself escaping into her music. “Both my parents are songwriters, and are very musical. Music is a part of me — it has always been in my blood,” Taylor shared.

A very important step on the road to Nashville was the support of her high school music teacher, Mr. Tusz. However, it was the first concert she went to see in high school, Mayday Parade, that really influenced her to pursue a career in music.

Taylor originally wrote her debut single, “Blame the Whiskey”, for a college project. Lyrics she’d made up become ones she lived when she was with a man who only called when he was drunk.

“Blame the Whiskey” (Editor’s note: Taylor’s debut single lead to her winning Female Vocalist of the Year at the 2018 Tennessee Music Awards.)

Would you say your follow-up second single, “How Do You Sleep”, could be a statement song for the same guy, along the lines of Carly Pearce’s “If My Name Was Whiskey”?

“Blame the Whiskey” was my first single that I released, and an assignment from my songwriting professor in college. Though it was completely fictional when I wrote it, it could easily be seen as a prologue to my second single “How Do You Sleep”.

“How Do You Sleep”

Your new single, “Bend The Truth”, reminded me of Dierks Bentley’s song “Say You Do” — until your line “ … won’t you lead me on and I’ll play the fool like I always do … ” . There’s a lot of resonating depth in your lyrics, especially telling the ex you feel like you’ve been played, yet are reaching out one more time — if you