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“Broken Heart Breaks” The Latest From Brit Taylor

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A waltz to heartbreak that could be a teardrop on Willie Nelson‘s boot, “Broken Heart Breaks” — penned by The Black Keys Dan Auerbach, famed Joe Allen and rising Americana talent Brit Taylor — has Grammy-nominated Producer Dave Brainard melding crying steel, Mickey Raphael’s (Willie Nelson and Chris Stapleton) harmonica, and the tear-driven resignation of Taylor’s luscious alto into a song that could easily be the musical love child of Willie and Waylon.

When hard times come calling, they don’t tap at the door to be invited in. They barge straight in and wreak havoc. Just ask Brit Taylor. A rising Nashville talent, her idyllic life was suddenly turned upside down, and she was left spinning downward. It was a new feeling and a scary one. But she called on her upbringing, her faith and her family for strength, and she dug herself out with grit and determination and music.

Growing up in East Kentucky, you loved to get up early to feed the animals in the barn with your dad. Your love of animals continues, adopting dogs, goats, and a kitten. You have a close bond with your dog Whiskey — have you two been able to get out and explore Nashville during the quarantine? Find any special rocks along your journeys?

I actually have not gotten out much! I live on a mini-farm outside of the city. Whiskey and I have spent a lot of time walking through the woods and doing some gardening!

“Waking Up Ain’t Easy”. Writing your debut single helped you deal with personal loss and, the aftermath, the depression. The song lyrics resonate in today’s world, with so many people finding themselves unable to cope as the pandemic continues. What advice can you offer those struggling through so much uncertainty?

Seek help if you need it. Call a friend. Don’t be afraid to be open and honest and find someone to talk to. I definitely found out who my friends were. My friends, family and music really carried me through.

You’ve shared that journaling wasn’t a ‘go-to’ for you until you read Elizabeth Gilbert’s book “Big Magic”. How did it inspire you to read something positive every day, to write down how you’re honestly feeling, document your dreams and goals, and remind yourself what you are grateful for?

I love Elizabeth Gilbert’s book “Big Magic”. It inspired me to keep going and keep writing even though I no longer had a publishing deal. It reminded me that I wasn’t any less of a writer just because I wasn’t writing for someone professionally anymore. I watched my dad read a lot when I was growing up. He was always preaching to me that I should keep my nose in inspiring books to keep my spirits lifted and to stay motivated. It used to annoy me to death in high school. After college, I started reading all those books he had been telling me about all those years. I really wish I had started reading them in high school!

Music heals. The words help make sense of the senseless. What songs would you add to a playlist to help us cope with the limits and restrictions of our socially distanced reality?

This is a tough one! There’re so many songs and records I love. Sad songs actually make me super happy! As crazy as it sounds! Lately I have been listening to a lot of old records on vinyl. My current obsession carrying me through the pandemic is Glen Campbell and Bobbie Gentry’s duet record. Buck Owens and Dwight Yoakum also always put a smile on my face.

Working with WSK Productions on the “Waking Up Ain’t Easy” music video. How did you decide to use Betty Boop from the black and white cartoon?

I’ve always thought Betty Boop was such an interesting cartoon and she always seemed to be crying over something. It was kind of like getting a song idea. One day I was walking through my kitchen and the idea just popped in my head. It took me a year to find someone who could actually pull it off!

Your second single, “Wagon”, was inspired by memories from watching old westerns with your dad. Clint Eastwood was your favorite cowboy growing up. What are your top three western movie theme songs?

“The Good, The Bad, The Ugly” theme song

“Red Headed Stranger” Willie Nelson

“The Magnificent Seven” theme song

“Back in the Fire”. Going back somewhere or to someone we shouldn’t. Can you describe the co-writing session with Dan Auerbach and Pat McLaughlin?

It was super intimidating. Both Dan and Pat are incredibly talented. I just remembered hoping I would be able to keep up! The anxious feelings I had disappeared as soon as we sat down at the table together. It was a lot of fun working with both of them. We all found common ground in our love for Bobbie Gentry.

Continuing in the Americana genre, your next single is “Broken Heart Breaks”. Was this song written from a personal experience? If so, how difficult is it to sing lyrics so close to your own heart?

I remember singing the first verse of this song while walking around my house. The thoughts going though my head were how many times can one heart break?! And every single heart break hurts just as much as the first one did. It’s something we just never get used to. At first it was difficult to share these songs with other people because they are so personal. It got easier and easier as I got more messages and more people came up to me at shows to tell me their stories and how they genuinely needed that connection.

Your debut album, Real Me, is scheduled to be released November 20. The title track was penned the same day as “Back in the Fire”. How does this song represent, well, the real you?

Real Me” is all about being vulnerable and starting over with someone new, hoping that you can be your real self and still be accepted by them. For me I was starting over new with everything. New music, new friendships new relationships. It’s hard to be yourself right out of the gate. It’s scary. But it’s something I strive to do and encourage others to do as well.

Taking time for yourself. What exercise programs and supplements have you found most helpful while at home these past months?

I actually have a small basement with a tv and some weights! So, I purchased Beachbody on Demand and try to work out 5 and 6 times a week doing one of their programs. I also get a healthy shake from them that I try to drink daily. I do my best to eat organic foods and take vitamins. I love Global Healing products and Vital Proteins. I’m always ready to try new healthy supplements! Taking care of my body and mind are definitely top priorities.



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