Bucky Covington “Probably Won’t”

Singer/songwriter Bucky Covington is back with a brand-new song, “Probably Won’t,” which he wrote, produced, and released on Barefootin’ Records. With touching lyrics like “You should probably just come back home, but you probably won’t get around to that, and time won’t ever bring you back,” the relatable ballad about loving and letting go is sure to tug on heartstrings.

Can you share a brief overview of your career to date?

I started out on a little show you may have heard of called “American Idol.” I released my first album in 2007, which went to #1. That was definitely one of the highlights of my career. Three of my singles went to #1, as well — “A Different World,” “I’ll Walk,” and “It’s Good to Be Us.” I recently just released my newest single, called “Probably Won’t.” You should download it!

A Different World

What are your fondest musical memories?

I just remember wanting to play the guitar. I would perform at local places in my hometown of Rockingham, North Carolina and just try to make a name for myself. Next thing you know, I was auditioning for Idol and now I’m living the dream in Nashville.

Where do you draw inspiration from when you write songs?

My home — I bought a 90-acre farm outside of Nashville and that’s where my best writing happens.

It’s Good to Be Us

What is the backstory to your new single “Probably Won’t”?

Some songs you have to sit down and, you know, work at it. This is one that kind of just fell on the paper. At one point in our lives we go through a breakup or lose someone that you just don’t have in your life anymore. There’s something in your home, or whatever, that triggers that memory and you know that you need to put that memory away — take that picture off the wall, clean that bedroom out or whatever it may be. But, you also know in the back of your mind that you probably won’t.

That picture there from Myrtle Beach

You’d think it was just you and me

On a crowded 4th of July

Look at you, holding me tight and

I should probably take that down

Plus a few more laying around

Maybe then I could move on

But then again…

Probably Won’t

What would fans be surprised to know about you?

I’m a great cook! I love to grill with a lot of spices.

Who are you a big fan of and what do you find most inspiring about his/her music?

There have been a lot of acts out there, but for me, one of the hardest things about this business is staying in the business. I very much like folks like Elvis Presley and Tim McGraw who have done things on all ends, fell down a little bit and came back.

Do you have a favorite song to perform live?

It switches around a lot — a lot of times, it’s the newest song in the set list. But, when the crowd starts singing along, that’s kind of tough to beat. I can’t pick between A Different World, I’ll Walk and It’s Good to Be Us. If the crowd sings, I’m just having a ball.

I’ll Walk

How do you balance your music with other obligations?

I’m just living the dream! I absolutely love being a dad to my little girl. She’s turning 4 years old and just doesn’t seem to be scared of anything. I also own a body shop called “Covington’s Collision Center” with my twin brother, Rocky. I love what I do so much that it doesn’t even feel like work to me.

What’s your favorite thing to do when you aren’t writing or playing?

I love being outdoors. I do a lot of boating and four-wheeling.

Met you first on American Idol. Would you do another reality show? Amazing Race? Survivor?

I’d definitely be up for the challenge if the opportunity presented itself. You never know what I may have up my sleeve!

Saw your Instagram post about Bucky shoes. The start of a clothing line?

Haha! You never know! Those were some good lookin’ shoes, though!

For additional information, visit www.buckycovington.com and connect with Covington on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.




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