Cali Tucker’s “Dandelion”

Born into Country Music Royalty, Cali Tucker carries on her iconic last name with a style uniquely her own.

Raised in Nashville, TN. Can you share a favorite memory from touring with your family, mom LaCosta and aunt Tanya, as a youngster?

I loved going on tour with my mom and aunt and fondly remember sleeping in the bottom bunk of their Prevost tour bus. That diesel engine would always put me right to sleep. I would also anticipate the end of every show when they would invite me and my cousins out on stage to wave at the crowd.

At 15 years old crowned Miss Teen All American 2000. First contract singing and acting at Dollywood’s Theaters in Pigeon Forge, TN to your debut appearance on the Grand Ole Opry stage at age 18. Which venues are on your bucket list to perform on and why?

I’ve been very fortunate to have already played at some iconic venues. Recently I played at the Dolby Theatre and South By Southwest (SXSW). My current goal is a world wide sold out stadium tour and getting to connect with new fans.

“The Voice,” Team Blake. How did your appearance in 2014 on the NBC show’s season 6 impact your career?

After the show ended I made the scary and exciting move to Las Vegas. I needed a change and a new perspective on live performances and Vegas was the place to learn and grow. “The Voice” was a great platform that created an abundance of opportunities for me in Vegas and nationwide.

Releasing a cover song album, Cover Girl, in 2017. What are some of the unique challenges making a cover song your own?

Anytime I’m performing someone else’s song I always put my own spin on it without taking away the integrity of the original version. I love performing cover songs just as much as my originals. It helps me learn inflections, breath control, and phrasing that I might not do in my own songs. It’s not necessarily challenging as it is a learning curve.

“Dandelion” current single co-written with Tricia Battani and G’harah “PK” Degeddingseze. “I’m sure you all know of a ‘dandelion’ in your life. I hope you love this song as much as I do and that it empowers you to protect your energy from damn dandelions.” Your upcoming debut EP, produced by Grammy nominated Degeddingseze, will sonically blend your country roots and versatile songwriting. This has led to you being dubbed ‘The Next Crossover Queen.’ How do your signature powerhouse vocals define your brand?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at a venue and they ask me to turn down the vocals because I sing too loud. It’s not that I hit a ton of high notes but I have a strong loud chest voice. I also have a rasp and break in my voice that is a family trait, I think, that sets me apart from current country female artists.

Performing at Live in the Vineyard Goes Country. The Napa Valley, CA, event pairs country artists with celebrated winemakers and world-renowned chefs. Which wines are your favorites?

I actually don’t partake in drinking much anymore but I do enjoy one or two, here and there. If I’m going to drink wine I love a smooth Pinot Noir, Rose, or Champagne.

What’s ahead in 2022?

This is going to be the best year yet! I’m making my move back to Nashville in May and plan on releasing my next single July 4th. It’s going to be a busy year!







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