Calvin Lee’s Debut Country Single “My America” Featuring Heidi Newfield and Keith Burns

Calvin Lee grew up in the small, hard-working town of on his family’s farm. Music was fused into every aspect of his childhood and he picked up singing from listening to the workers on the farm and at church. With deep rural roots and a voice grown in gospel, Lee has created his own unique blend of country soul.

“Forever a farm boy”. Favorite musical memory growing up on your family farm in Earle?

Singing with my mom while working outside on the farm, that’s where my love for music started.

“A voice grown in gospel”. Growing up, which gospel songs were your family’s favorites?

Amazing Grace” and “Crying in the Chapel”.

Great uncle James Cotton was a blues harmonica player and singer. How has your family supported your career?

My family has always been very supportive of my music career. My brothers and sisters have helped me out when I need it, I am very lucky.

Performing music for thirty plus years. In what positive ways has music changed over the years?

I think there are fewer boundaries when it comes to genres now. There’s a lot more freedom with the artistry today. Music always evolves and it’s fun to be a part of that.

Sharing festival stages with , , and What is the best advice another artist has shared with you?

told me one time, “Never stop singing. You have a great voice, stick with it.” It was encouraging to hear from a guy like that who has had so much success in country music. I appreciated that support.

“Music refuels the soul”. Which songs have helped you stay on course during the pandemic?

I’m a traditional guy so I’m always listening to old school country! That and has carried me through the past few months.

Your first single, “My America”, features and . How did you choose these two artists for the collaboration?

The producer I was working with at the time introduced me to them. We all clicked very well in the studio, I loved the harmonies we sang!

“The American dream still lives in this town And for our children, we gotta pass it down”. Each generation makes decisions that leave indelible marks on the future ones. Who are some of the most influential voices of your generation that have inspired you?

Musically, for sure. I would also say , the song “ has always had a big impact on me. has an amazing sound and influenced me a lot growing up.

Along with promoting the new single, you are releasing a with working-class denim jeans and outdoor workwear. Were these fashions inspired by clothes worn on your family farm?

My dad was always into staying warm on the farm in the winter. He loved these jeans that had plaid quilted lining in his denim jeans, so that was an inspiration. Good work clothes are necessary to get work done on the farm, my goal is to quality clothes ideal for hard work.

Baseball games. Mom’s apple pie. Who are you rooting for to win the 2020 World Series?

I would pick the ! I went to college in Texas and would attend Rangers games.

“Don’t be afraid to be ambitious about your goals. Hard work never stops. Neither should your dreams.” You share this quote from . How has country music shaped your life dreams?

Growing up with country music and loving it from such a young age has always inspired me. Just the country way of living shaped me as a person, and the music has helped me express that. I just know who I am and being a part of country music has always been my dream. Being in music isn’t easy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Nashville. How does Music City represent your America?

is becoming more diverse than ever, which I love. It is growing and people are moving here from all parts of the country. It’s exciting to see and I love the diversity of the people and the music that is being created here. Nashville is a unique town with an interesting balance of city and country.

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