Paige Nichols: Cheap Champagne

“Cheap Champagne” is the perfect pairing for anyone seeking a strong pour or female badassary — tackling outdated stereotypes of what women want, while turning the tables (and the glasses) upside down. Paige Nichols’ breakout single is a fun, catchy, smash that blurs the lines of what you’d expect from a petite blonde preacher’s daughter from Ohio. Nichols tops it off with a mesmerizing vocal performance, poising herself to make a real impression with this release.

What influences would you say growing up in Ohio has had on your songwriting?

My dad was a preacher, so growing up in Church singing gospel songs has really influenced my writing. In all of my songs, there are definitely elements of blues/soul.

How did you choose to attend a Manhattan conservatory for the arts?

From a young age I’d always wanted to live in NYC, so when it was time for college I knew that’s where I wanted to end up. New York is such an incredible place to be studying the arts, it is so culturally rich and has so much diversity. During my time there I got to perform at some incredible places, like the The Metropolitan Opera House.

From Ohio to New York, how has the Big Apple music scene inspired you?

From New York to LA to Nashville, I found it’s the Nashville scene that inspires me the most. The sense of community and support here, not to mention the incredible amount of talented people has really been amazing for me and my writing.

Can you describe the writing session with Isaac Slutzky and Hailey Verhaalen for “Cheap Champagne”?

It was so fun! I was driving down the road one day thinking that I shouldn’t have drank cheap champagne the night before. I’m thinking to myself, that’s not what I wanted, why did I even drink that, oh well I guess I drank it because it was there. And then I thought, WAIT! We have to write a song comparing men to cheap champagne. So I took the idea to Hailey & Isaac who are two of my favorite writers in town and best friends, and we went for it. Although the song is light hearted I think the message is really important. I think men tend to think that women are always in love with them or always sad about them. I wanted to let them know, hey, sometimes we aren’t that into you either.

“Cheap Champagne”

Song that was the most difficult to write?

I don’t want to give away the song title yet, but the third single we are planning to release was a tough one for me to write. I’d been holding on to the idea because I didn’t really want to talk about it and when it was time to talk about it I wanted to make sure it was the right moment with the right people. It comes from a very personal experience and takes me back to that place every time I sing it. I wrote it with Paul Overstreet and Isaac and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it!

What do you want people to take away from your music?

I want them to know that all of my songs come from personal experiences and things I’ve lived through. All of the songs come from a genuine place, so I hope that helps them in getting through whatever they are going through and knowing whatever they are feeling is ok. I also hope my songs like “Cheap Champagne” help people to walk away feeling empowered and strong.

Dream venue?

The Ryman

Pre-performance ritual?

Shot of apple cider vinegar, throat coat tea, talk to my dad on the phone, pray

What would surprise your fans to learn about you?

I’m pretty shy. I’m at my most comfortable singing and I’d rather sing in front of a million people than talk in front of 10!

Everyone has a movie they’ll watch anytime it’s on. What’s that movie for you?

Moonstruck. I love love and I love Cher.

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