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Christy P Klotz Releases “New Dream”

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Christy P Klotz loves telling stories that will connect your heart with what matters and speak where you can’t find the words. Her faith in Jesus is the cornerstone to everything she does. With her Bachelor of Arts in Advertising (with a minor in Music) and a Master of Science in Ministry from Pepperdine University. Klotz is the author of Perspectives: poems to a dear friend and the host of the Minty Dreams podcast. She enjoys inspiring people to live abundant, fulfilling lives.

This past summer there was the #ChallengeAccepted for women to share how other women have empowered them. What do you feel is the greatest challenge for female artists right now?

I think it’s sometimes challenging to be respected as a female artist. Being feminine can be viewed as uncool or illegitimate or weak. It seems to be easy for both male and female listeners to attach to male artists, but it can be more difficult to reach male fans as a female artist. Here’s an example: The other day I was scrolling through TikTok and a guy did a hilarious bit about secret Taylor Swift dude fans. It was like macho guys having to hide that they like Taylor Swift. The same phenomenon doesn’t seem to happen the other way around. We don’t see girls having to “secretly” enjoy Justin Bieber or Drake or whomever. I think we need to start empowering femininity and allowing both male and female fans to relate to the female perspective, just as both male and female fans relate to the male perspective.

“First Love” … “to set your heart on fire”. How has your own love story strengthened during the pandemic?

We’ve been strengthened a lot during the pandemic! We were able to really slow down and take inventory of our relationship. We’ve been going to counseling and really working on making our foundation as strong as it can be. We seriously couldn’t be happier!

Season 3 of your Minty Dreams podcast. You mentioned special guests and how important community building is. Working on every aspect of the podcast, including audio and video quality — what has been the most rewarding part of this journey?

Meeting people! I’ve got to connect with all sorts of people through this experience and learn from them. We work hard so that the listeners can connect with them, and each other as well.

“Inner Monologue” — you posted how you still remember writing your first song in 7th grade. You’re now sharing songwriting tips with others in your Write With Me guide. Who has most influenced you as a writer?

I’ve been very influenced by Adam Watts in terms of writing advice. For inspiration, I love listening to Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Dolly Parton, Taylor Swift, Lennon Stella, Kacey Musgraves, James Taylor, Bob Dylan, and really so many others! I love the way they tell stories.

Your new single, “New Dream”. You compared your style as being inspired by Billie Eilish and Kacey Musgraves. How would you describe each of those artists’ signature styles?

One of Billie’s early tracks, “Ocean Eyes”, has these gorgeous backing vocals that I was really inspired by. I think Kacey’s storytelling and close, clear vocals also come through on the track.

“It came out of a place of realizing my priorities had gotten a little mixed up”. How can an artist best balance musical aspirations with family responsibilities?

I think it’s a choice. What do you want to prioritize? Each person has to make that decision for themselves and live with the results. For me, I came to a point where I recognized that healthy relationships are a key component to having joy and peace in my life. It doesn’t mean that I don’t still spend a lot of time on music. I do. I love it! But at the end of the day, my mindset says that my husband comes first. That means that I prioritize date nights and connecting with him. And, honestly, it makes me happy to do so! It’s good for my mental health to get out of work mode/creating mode sometimes and just be with someone that loves me.

Adding the producer hat to writer and artist — what has it been like to produce?

Producing has been so fun — and challenging! Finding the right sounds and beats and vibes for the song was a journey, but one that I quite enjoyed. My husband, Marcus, is a drummer and was a great help! He nailed the drum beat. It adds so much character and flavor to the song. He’s a big R&B guy, and so I love combining my more folky style with his.

Best advice for up-and-coming artists hoping to become involved in all aspects of music production?

Just get started! Remember that done is better than perfect. The more you do it, the better you’ll get. Copy songs you love and don’t be too hard on yourself. It takes a long time to get good at this stuff. Every time I work on any aspect of music, I realize that I am still a novice. It’s all about the journey!


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