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Clara Mae Teams Up With Russell Dickerson on New Single “Alright”

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With over 270 million career streams under her belt, Clara Mae teamed up with R3HAB and Frank Walker for the dance hit “More Than OK”.

Her 2018 debut EP Sorry For Writing All The Songs About You has amassed over 85 million worldwide streams.

Additionally, her cover of Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” has surpassed 24 million streams. Recently “Alright” with Russell Dickerson preceded the release of her sophomore Drunk On Emotions EP via Big Beat Records.

The 8-track collection also includes the new track “Not Ok”, along with previous releases “Overused” featuring multi-platinum singer-songwriter-producer Gnash, “Run Into You” and “Lost”.

Which artists/songs did your family listen to as you grew up in Gavle, Sweden?

I grew up listening a lot to 80s music, like Prince, Fleetwood Mac, Michael Jackson, but also 90s music, because that’s when I grew up, such as Robyn, Avril Lavigne.

Singing competitions like Next Star and Idol 2009. What was the best career advice you received while taking part in the shows?

I did a lot of singing competitions when I was younger, in my early teenage years, it was an opportunity for me to practice singing live and also to manage disappointment and happiness; a common thing in this industry. The best advice I received was to keep doing your thing and don’t do something that’s not you just because you want to win.

From band member to solo artist. How did you choose “Changing Faces” as your debut single?

Changing Faces” was the sound I wanted to do at the time, but I quickly discovered it was not the sound that best described me. It was never officially released, I only released it on SoundCloud actually, but I don’t think it’s there anymore.

“More Than Ok” with R3HAB and Frank Walker. “I barely recognize those portraits, hangin’ on the walls”. What message do you hope listeners take away from the lyrics?

Sometimes you can lose yourself in a relationship, it’s like you don’t even recognize who you are anymore. Sometimes you need to ask yourself if you like the person you’ve become, or if you were happier before.

might hate myself in the morning might lose somebody important”. “Run Into You”. Co-writing with Lauren Acuilina and Johan Lindbrandt, was this song inspired by a real event?

Haha yes it was, and I love that a lot of people can relate to it. Sometimes when you are a little tipsy, your mouth tends to talk without thinking, saying things you maybe weren’t ready to say. But it’s not always a bad thing, sometimes it turns into something good.

Cover songs like “Enemies” by Lauv. How do you put your own spin on songs you cover?

I only cover songs that I can relate to, and when I relate to lyrics I immediately turn them into my own version of the song. If it means something to me it’s much easier to make it my own.

What do you miss the most? In March you posted your answer, “Hugs.” Reflecting back over the past six months, how has the pandemic influenced recent song writes?

The pandemic has definitely been rough on the music industry as I know it’s been on every industry. But it has also opened doors, because now we realize that we can do things in a different way. I can write a song sitting in Sweden with someone that’s in LA, Nashville, or anywhere in the world really, and it actually works and I don’t even have to go there to do it.

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Rewatching “Friends”. Like most of us, bingeing tv shows have helped pass the time in quarantine. Many of us are also trying out new recipes and hobbies, along with doing things we haven’t in years — like tie dying. Any favorite recipes to share?

Yes I learned a new soup, and that has definitely been my favorite recipe this summer. It’s made with cod, salmon and shrimp, yellow onion, leek, cream, white wine, fish broth, and most importantly saffron. You let it cook up for about 15 min, and then you put in the fish and cook for another eight minutes. Last but not least put in the shrimps. Top with aioli. I promise it’s delicious!

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Music is the soundtrack of our lives. Which new artists and songs have you been listening to during the quarantine?

I’ve been listening a lot to Ingrid Andress. She such a talented writer and artist, I just love the way she tells a story. Other than that I listen a lot to Kacey Musgraves, JP Saxe, Maisie Peters, and Troye Sivan.

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Mentally on the beach. Favorite places to travel to?

To go to the beach I love Palma de Mallorca. But otherwise Paris, forever Paris.

“Overused” with Gnash. “Then I can look back at this and just remember the good…” The song is about feeling tired in a relationship or situation. What initially inspired the co-write with Gnash, Cassandra Casso Stroberg, and Daniel Webber?

I have always been a fan of Gnash, and I think he has a very unique voice, so I reached out and he was happy to work with me on my next trip to LA. I was so excited! The song is basically about wanting to leave something before it gets ugly; to leave when there’s only beautiful memories, because then you will look back at it and just remember the good.

Love of dogs and animals. How can fans help end animal cruelty?

I think everyone today, because of social media, it’s much easier to drive awareness and help sign petitions. Even if it doesn’t feel like a lot, it’s better than nothing. And if you want to do more than that, adopt, volunteer at shelters.

JUNG’s “Let Him Go”. Seeing the song go platinum in Sweden. What was your first impression of the song you’re featured on?

When we wrote the song in the beginning it was just for JUNG, we didn’t plan on it being a duet. But after living with the song for a few months we all heard a female voice on it. So I gave it a shot and I loved this song from the start, so to me it was a no brainer.

Second EP, “Drunk on emotions”, released two years after “sorry for writing all the songs about you”. Favorite song on each EP?

I have a really hard time picking favorites, I guess it all depends on what I relate to most at the moment. My favorite on my first EP right now is “I’m not her”. On my second EP “Alright” ft Russell Dickerson. But ask me again next month and I will probably change the answer.

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Releasing a stripped version of each song. How difficult is it to break down a song to its essentials?

I love making acoustic versions for each song, it also makes it a good option for smaller live venues. I think every song should be able to sound good stripped, that’s how you know it’s a good song.

Fly By Midnight’s “Lost without you”. The video, representing desolateness, was filmed to show you disconnected from the band. Did you work on the storyboard?

No it was actually the guys that directed this video and came up with the story. I just shared my inputs and told them what I can do from my end in Sweden. But they are so talented so I trusted them to know what we should go with.

Missing Paris. Where will you travel once the pandemic is over?

Paris and Palma. That would be my first stops.

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“Alright”. Post-breakup emotions. Co-written with Calle Lehmann and Cassandra Casso Stroberg. How did you choose Russell Dickerson for the collaborative effort?

After writing “Alright” we could all hear a country voice on it, so me and my managers began the search for the perfect country artist to feature on it. Russell’s name was one of the first names that popped up. We listened to some of his songs and immediately loved his voice, it’s so warm and deep. It was the perfect voice for this song. So we tried reaching out having no expectations if he would even reply, but he did and the rest is history!

You posted that the new single, streaming across platforms, has received “crazy support”. The song is very relatable. What’s some of the best feedback fans have posted about it?

Yes the feedback has been amazing and there are so many beautiful comments. People relating and just saying that they wanna know that their friend or ex-love is alright, with no other intention then that. People really put their own spin on how they comprehend this song, and it’s a beautiful thing to see.

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