Colton Flanagan’s Latest Single, “Back to Memphis,” Takes Listeners Down a Familiar Road

Colton Flanagan’s his latest single, “Back to Memphis,” gives listeners the perspective of a long-distance relationship. Running every red light, there’s only 100 miles standing between two people.

Born in Lexington — halfway between Memphis and Nashville. Started playing the guitar four years ago at 27. Influenced by your stepdad playing bluegrass, Memphis blues and Nashville country. What are some of your favorite live music venues between the cities?

So one of my favorite venues to play is actually in my hometown about a half mile from my house. It’s a small venue/restaurant Big Cats Pizza & Bar. Tin Roof Memphis has become a second home to me for playing. It’s always a great atmosphere and a different crowd every time. Tap Bar & Grill and Downtown Tavern in Jackson Tennessee are also two great venues.

Hoping to move to Nashville soon. Balancing a full-time job and playing two to four shows every weekend, including the Tin Roof on Beale Street in Memphis. The venue “is about giving musicians a place to play and a place to hang when they aren’t on stage.” Who have you had the chance to hang with after shows?

I have actually hung out with Brandon Lay one night there. He’s a “local guy” for us being from Jackson. Also had the privilege of meeting the new coming duo Kat & Alex. They’re nice as can be!

Fan of Sam Hunt. How does his music inspire your own?

Sam Hunt is one of the greatest songwriters of our time I believe. He thinks of ways to say things most people don’t think about and I strive to find the same writing abilities as him.

“Where I Find God,” Larry Fleet. You said it is one of your absolute favorite songs. What makes it so special for you?

Where I Find God” is one of those songs that people can relate to on some many ways. I am man of faith and there has been times where you’re in a peaceful atmosphere and you just have a connection with God like he describes in the song. It’s just a song I can relate to. I also had the privilege of hanging out with Larry Fleet a few days and he is honestly one of the most down to earth guys you will ever meet.

“Close Call at Last Call,” co-written with John Pate, produced and recorded by Colton Parker. After playing a show, you went to a bar with friends, and when the last call for alcohol was made, a friend mentioned that it was a ‘close call.’ What’s your go to, after show drink?

Haha that’s how I got the song idea. John and I just ran with it. But my go to drink is Jack & Coke.

Music truly knows no distance … “Back to Memphis,” is about having a distant relationship with someone that’s not too far to just up and go to them when you can’t resist seeing them. Co-written with Davis Branch, who also produced the track. What is some of the best advice others have shared for dealing with getting homesick while out on tour?

So the song wasn’t really written about a relationship with a girl in Memphis. It was about me traveling to Memphis and playing shows but we transformed it about a couple in a relationship. I never actually had a girl in Memphis haha. While I mainly travel West Tennessee I don’t necessarily get “homesick” but I play every weekend and I miss a lot of events of family and close friends. It’s tough missing things that you want to be a part of but what I have learned is if you want something you have to go get it. Nothing in this life is given and sometimes you have to make sacrifices. That’s why I have been grinding so hard for the last 3 years to try and reach my goals.

What’s ahead in 2022?

2022. The plan is to release more songs for sure. Davis (my producer) and I are constantly working on new music. I am also hoping to move to Nashville and continue making music and try to really make that push to get on the track to where I want to be. I’m ready to take on any new adventures this crazy life throws at me and just enjoy the ride.






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