Colton James Longs to Go Back to the America He Grew Up in “I Miss America”

Donna Block
4 min readNov 21, 2022


Listening to classics with your father in the truck on the way to the fishing hole. Which songs, from artists like George Jones, Keith Whitley, and Merle Haggard, were your favorites?

One of my favorite songs I would have to say would be “I Don’t Need Your Rockin’ Chair” by George. It was a true honor that two years before he passed, he brought me on stage, and I got to sing it with him! What a feeling that was. I also love “Don’t Close Your Eyes” by Keith and “Working Man Blues” by Merle.

Inspired by watching your mother sing and grandmothers play the piano and organ. You knew you wanted to create music that was inspirational and down-to-earth. “I do it for the love of my family, for the love of my friends, for the love of my country, but mostly for the love of God. Without God, I wouldn’t be here.” Can you share a memory of singing with your family during the holidays?

I would have to say gathering with all the family at my grandmother’s house on Christmas Day singing Christmas songs and great food were always holiday highlights!

Working with television and radio programming to bring Reel Water Cowboy, a show combining music, fishing, and cuisine from all over the world, to the big screen as well as the Reel Water Cowboy Radio Show.

How do you balance your music with these other projects?

Balancing my music with all the other projects is not the easiest thing in the world, but they are things I love and believe in. Plus, the music just parallels with the projects each in its own way. I love to make people happy and share my life and experiences with the world to make a difference.

“I Miss America” expresses your longing to go back to the America you grew up in, where families made memories and gathered around Grandma’s table for Sunday lunch. “This song to me is one to reflect on some of the memories I have growing up. It helps remind those what America was founded on and to never forget the ones who have sacrificed to keep it free. I hope it puts a smile on all of America’s faces when they listen. I hope it gives them a feeling that they are proud to be an American and to have hope in the days that lie ahead of us.” How can music help bring families back together?

Music can definitely bring families together and people. It is the voice of the soul, and I always try to write music that does just that.

“Ring on Her Finger” is dedicated to your wife. “That first walk on the Beach together hand in hand in the Outer Banks of North Carolina has transformed into a lifetime of memories and a beautiful family.” What’s on your couple’s travel bucket list?

One of our bucket list travel destinations is definitely Alaska!

Partnering with Rick Dawson (owner of 2022 Kentucky Derby-winning thoroughbred, Rick Strike) to launch RedSunset Entertainment, a Nashville-based upstart media company that is set to produce records, television and radio programming, and more. How did you choose your song, “I Miss America,” as the first release?

We chose “I Miss America” for the single because our country has gone through a lot in the past few years. We wanted to put out a song that made you smile and feel proud to be an American, to give hope that our best days are ahead, and to pay tribute to all who work hard everyday day to make this country the greatest in the world.

Can you share more about the Land For Heroes, which will aid and help give back to veterans?

With many generations of family that served in the military, my family and I decided to open a 501c 3 charity called Land For Heroes. We are currently raising funds for the construction of a 15,000-square-foot lodge that is being built in the heart of Virginia. This will be a place where veterans and their families can gather to connect, break bread, fish, and share memories in a safe place.