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Connor Myers Hits the Road with “Dual Stack”

Connor Myers is a country singer/songwriter who grew up in Garwood, New Jersey. While serving in the Marine Corps, Myers lost roughly half his hearing due to an accumulation of factors throughout his four years of active duty. His passion for writing country music all began when a fellow corpsman had lent him a small acoustic guitar while deployed.

After his service in the military, Connor moved back to New Jersey where he worked at a chemical plant and continued to write songs. His wife, Sarah, heard a ballad he wrote called “Overseas” detailing emotional struggles military families endure from separation, and she insisted they move to Nashville. While serving as a Police Officer in Franklin, Tennessee, he began honing his performance skills by singing at many venues on Broadway in Nashville.

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‘Country Road Trip’ Spotify playlist. What has been your favorite road trip to date?

My favorite road trip was driving home from base in North Carolina to New Jersey for the first time with my wife and six-week-old pup!

Putting out an acoustic version of “In My Car”. What does the stripped-down cut bring out of the song that the original didn’t?

Playing “In My Car” acoustic was a different experience after releasing the song. Having my wife in the studio with me watching helped me understand my own song even more and what it means to me. Watching “In My Car” being played around the world gives playing it “stripped-down” a whole new feeling.

“If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time”. How does that quote represent what motivates you?

I believe in goals. Just like the Marine Corps, I go into everything with a goal in mind and put everything into achieving it. Just “winging it” works for some people, but I get my dreams in sight, then close the distance.

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What are some career highlights since moving from New Jersey to Nashville in 2016?

In 2016, I didn’t know what to expect in the music industry. Now working with legends, such as Ron Aniello and Jason Wade, I believe the most memorable time I’ve had so far is writing and recording songs in the same studio as Lifehouse twenty years prior.

New single “Dual Stack”. Best listened to with the volume cranked up loud … “dual stack comin’ out the back trap beat pouring out the window”. What was it like filming the video with Steve Stout during the quarantine?

Steve made the experience hilarious, to say the least! It was probably 95 degrees and humid, but we knew what we wanted the video to look like and Steve made it happen. It was an honor having him make the video.

You are heading out on a road trip post pandemic. Where are you going?

If I could head anywhere, it would be back out to LA so my wife can enjoy Manhattan Beach and I could lock myself in the studio with Ron Aniello again. His genius is contagious and very inspiring.

Which cars would top your bucket list to take on the road?

Not to sound picky, but a blacked out 2020 GMC Sierra Denali HD would be my top pick! Wouldn’t mind driving one of them out to Cali!

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Overcoming challenges in life. You overcame a hearing loss (after a training accident while serving in the Marine Corps) to pursue a career in music. How have you overcome the challenges of releasing new music during the quarantine?

Releasing music felt more like a blessing than a challenge. I’m psyched to have people listening to my songs and bringing joy into these times of uncertainty. I just can’t wait to be playing them on the road across this great country.

Which up-and-coming Nashville artists have you been listening to lately?

I’ve been listening to two artists/bands consistently in the past few months. Jordan Fletcher, an amazing vocalist and songwriter and The Northern Lights, who are dear friends of mine who create meaningful and beautiful music.

How do you keep a positive outlook during these difficult times?

I understand the severity of the pandemic and take no hardship away from those who have endured its fury, but being deployed in times of uncertainty and facing hardships myself, I see this pandemic as something in the way of our country flourishing again and I pray it passes as quick as it came.

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