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Connor Myers Releases New Single “In My Car”

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Connor Myers is a country singer/songwriter who grew up in Garwood, New Jersey. While serving in the Marine Corps, Myers lost roughly half his hearing due to an accumulation of factors throughout his four years of active duty. His passion for writing country music all began when a fellow corpsman had lent him a small acoustic guitar while deployed.

What music did you grow up listening to in Garwood, New Jersey?

Growing up in Garwood, my father loved 70s music and my mother loved old country. He was raised in Plainfield, New Jersey, while my mom was raised in Hagerstown, Maryland. On top of these two genres, I also had a slight obsession with Nirvana!

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Which New Jersey artists most influence your songwriting?

Frankie Valli’s songs have always told great stories, which I loved hearing growing up. Currently, Bruce Springsteen’s “Western Stars” album is a huge influence not only in my music, but in life. His song “Hello Sunshine” is genius lyrically, melodically and the production is a masterpiece. I listen to “Hello Sunshine” and it helps me make sense and reflect on everything I’ve been through in life up to this point.

Read a fellow corpsman lent you a guitar and that lead you to writing country music. Was your song “Overseas” written while you were deployed?

Overseas” is a very unique song. Mentally, I put the song together piece by piece with every situation I encountered while deployed. Watching Marines get only a handful of phone calls to their families back home, my wife who I was separated from for years and the Marines who didn’t make it home are the reason I believe “Overseas” is a true military tribute song. However, it wasn’t until right after I got out of the Marines that “Overseas” was written. One night in New Jersey, I couldn’t sleep thinking of how much I’d been through in my life at the time. So at 2:00 a.m. I grabbed my guitar, sat in the tiny living room of our apartment and I wrote “Overseas”. It was this ballad that drove my wife and I to move to Nashville to pursue being a country artist.

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You are once again serving, now as a police officer in Franklin. What lead you to join law enforcement?

My father has been in law enforcement for more than 30 years in New Jersey, so I always found it to be an incredible profession. I wanted to continue serving while pursuing country music, so I joined the Franklin Police Department. I served there for almost three years while simultaneously playing shows in Nashville and attending school full-time to earn my Master’s Degree before signing my first publishing deal.

You worked with producer Kevin Rooney on your new single “In My Car”. How did the two of you meet?

Kevin Rooney has been my producer since 2017. I met Kevin through a mutual friend and showed him some songs I had written at the time. Kevin saw something great in my music and has since produced many songs for me, including my new single, “In My Car.” As a touring musician with the Rascal Flatts band, Kevin’s time was often limited, but he always puts his 100 percent best efforts into his work and has some of the best musicians in the industry make the tracks truly great.

What’s the backstory to your new single?

“In My Car” tells my wife and my stories. We’re explorers and love trying new things, being adventurous, and sometimes, just driving together. “In My Car” talks about those nights there’s not much going on, so we drive around just happy to be together after everything we’ve been through. So many people can relate to those midnight gas station runs just because you can!

Your partnership with Kevin lead to your signing with Belly King LLC with Ron Aniello and Jason Wade. What are you currently working on while in quarantine?

Since the quarantine started, I’ve been focused on writing, raising money for various benefits and putting on livestream shows. Co-writing virtually has been different, but I recently wrote a great song with Rita Wilson, Ron Aniello and Jason Wade that I’m pumped about!

“Roots”. Loved the video you made for the song. Growing up, what songs did you and your grandfather most enjoy listening to together?

My Pap and I loved everything from classic 70s music to new country music when I was growing up. “Roots” (produced by Ron Aniello) was influenced by generations of music, which Ron musically pieced together perfectly. Blackberry picking, backroad drives in the bed of Pap’s pickup and the rope swing on the largest tree in his yard is what “Roots” was inspired by. The metaphorical analogy of “Roots” is that as the tree grew older, my grandfather did as well, but the memories created will serve a lifetime.

You shared your original “Country Pride” for your entry in the #GotSway contest. How did you choose this song to represent you in the online contest?

Choosing “Country Pride” for my #GotSway entry song was a no brainer. Though my brother and I grew up in New Jersey, our mother is as country as they come. My brother and I both served in the Marine Corps and completed a tour overseas. The idea behind “Country Pride” is that it doesn’t matter where you come from, you just have to be true to who you are.

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Playing covers. Which song has been the hardest musically to cover and why?

Covering classic artists to me like Don Williams, Web Pierce and Elvis Presley are most challenging to me because of the genius structure behind their songs. For example, “If I Can Dream” by Elvis Presley is on the complicated side for me, but is still a song I could listen to on replay.

You’ve been involved with raising money for frontline medical staff in your home state and the Wounded Warrior Project. You were injured while serving with the Marines. How has music helped you heal?

Raising money for Feed The Frontline and the Wounded Warrior Project in New Jersey was a great opportunity. Losing a lot of my hearing in the Marines has made certain aspects of being a musician challenging, but I know many veterans who lost much more. I always try to let my hearing loss drive me as a musician because I consider myself fortunate to be chasing this dream today. Discovering my passion for music fulfilled a large part of what was missing in my life.

What message do you want to share with fans, deployed or at home, as the country slowly begins to reopen?

My only advice is to not be afraid to be different. Some people in my own family looked down on me leaving New Jersey to become a country singer because they thought it was impossible. If there’s something about you that’s different than other people, use it! Don’t ignore any opportunities in life.

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