Corine’s “Human” — “

“Human.” The song was written last summer, during the pandemic, at a time when you were personally dealing with depression after a series of life events that had you not wanting to leave home or pray anymore. What advice can you share for others struggling through difficult times?

Find an outlet for your pain. This can be serving others, singing, writing, or something that brings you joy. Writing in a journal and expressing your emotions can help and reaching out to someone you trust to pray and to stand with you during times of trouble. We will all fail at times, we are all human, it’s asking yourself, “How long will I allow emotions and fears to steer my life?”

You took the song idea to Anna Ross (who has performed with Duran Duran, Tina Turner, and more) and she made it, in your words, ‘more powerful.’ How did Anna help rekindle your spirit for singing and music?

Some people have a natural gift of encouragement, Anna, is one of them. She supports the independent creative but has a songwriting gift. It was through exploring Aretha Franklin’s “Amazing Grace” during a vocal session, I felt this rush of soul and passion again.

Musicians Dom Brown, Jamiroquai, and Matt Catlow joined you as Anna produced the track. How did the sound of “Human” take shape in the studio?

We did it all virtual, which is quite remarkable. Anna also was the project manager and reached out to her musician friends to work on the tracks. Everyone had a role and it turned out great. I recorded locally in Virginia — the rest was in the UK. Jamiroquai’s world-class keyboard player Matt Johnson worked on “Amazing Grace.” Matt Catlow is superstar, and Dom Brown, his style, talent is sublime. I look back at all this as think “Wow, God, only you could of put this together with so many gifted people.” When you’re a fan of theirs, it blows your mind.

Kristen Collier and Kevin Collier helped you with the cover art. How does it represent the meaning behind the song?

Kristen Collier and Kevin Collier are my biggest supporters and encouragers. They formed the Creative Motion Network on Roku to help people like myself to get out there and to use my talents. I wanted something funky (80s purple eyeshadow) and straightforward…for “Human”…. Also, to show, we are human in the past and in the future.

Releasing a cover of “Amazing Grace.” Will you be recording more hymns as part of your faith-inspired musical journey?

Great question! I am thinking of one, “Hallelujah,” although not a hymn, love that song by Leonard Cohen.

Duran Duran’s “Planet Earth,” the band’s 1981 debut single, will be your next cover song. Which lyric is your favorite in the track? Why?

Look now, look all around
There’s no sign of life
Voices, another sound
Can you hear me now?
This is planet earth, you’re looking at planet earth

Many of us feel alone on the planet, but there is a bigger picture for all of us…




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