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“Cut U Off” 👄 Wild Fire — What To Do When The Line Has Been Crossed

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The best singers draw from experience. And that’s true for young as well as well-seasoned artists. Though still in their mid teens, sisters Kelli and Kayla Iutzwig, a.k.a. Wild Fire, prove this point at show after show, in song after song.

More than that, they are already conveying their stories through music in ways that inspire with audiences their age and beyond. Singly and in harmony, they channel the optimism of youth, sprinkle in the spice of early insight into life’s lessons, super-charge it with jolt of pop and the sass of country.

With over 120,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram, plus many more on other social media, Wild Fire will widen their impact beyond music in 2020 as official ambassadors for the Global Country Music Association (GCMA) and advocates for equality and fairness for the genre’s female artists.

Shifting from Rock-Country to Pop-Country. Genres. Do you think labels placed on music restricts songwriters?

Yes they definitely do. We have a deep appreciation and love for many different genres and make it a point to infuse them into our music. While our sound is pretty consistent and readily identifiable, as independent artists we have the freedom to put out a song that sounds different. In fact, we fully intend to do so. We are currently working on a song that leans heavily into the pop rock genre. We can’t wait for you to hear it!

Writing lyrics, from personal experience, that are relatable across generations. What emotions have been the hardest for you to put into words?

That’s a great question. I would have to say that emotions that reflect upon things that happened many years ago are the hardest to capture. Specifically, looking back as an older adult with the wisdom and life lessons that brings. Of course, we do not know exactly how that feels, but we feel we can capture it through similar experiences, albeit shorter periods of time. Also, we frequently co-write with other songwriters that are older than us which helps in those situations.

“Cut U Off” Telling the story of moving on, after removing a toxic person from your life, in song. How did the songwriting session start?

The songwriting session started from the idea around a relationship that Kayla had. She arrived at a point in this relationship where she decided that it was too toxic to continue. For her own well-being she knew she had to end it. The idea is that there are boundaries and limits we have to place in our lives. There is a line in the sand. You have to know when that line has been crossed. If we do not learn to do this, our emotional and mental health will be adversely impacted. The song was written with one of our favorite co-writers from Nashville, Annika Bennett.

The song’s release party was on Facebook Live as the pandemic restrictions continue for in person concerts. Can you share some positive fan feedback from your online shows these past few months?

We have had such an outpouring of support from our fans during this time period. Many of them send us personal DM’s and post public comments about how much they enjoy our live stream events. We definitely plan to continue these events, even after the pandemic is over. It’s a great way to reach the masses and share our music with the world.

The video premiere is scheduled for next Friday, on ‘Where girls dream BIG’ Sweety High Entertainment. What message do you hope fans take away from the song?

We are super excited that will be premiering this music video! We hope the main takeaway for fans is that you have to respect yourself enough to walk away from a toxic relationship, whether that is significant other or even a friendship.

Sharing routines. How have routines helped you stay focused during the quarantine?

Routines have been extremely important during quarantine. It helps to get our mind off of the problems in the world and to focus on continued growth and achievement. We are both health enthusiasts and make it a point to exercise daily. We also set aside time for practicing our instruments, singing, songwriting, time with family and much more. Establishing these routines has really helped us through these troubled times and allowed us to continue growing as artists.

The pandemic is worsening as the holidays approach. What are some creative ways families can connect while apart?

Some creative ways for families to connect are over FaceTime, Skype, Zoom etc.. Make your family part of your tree decorating activities, cooking, opening presents and more by connecting online.

It’s all fun and games until a bee flies by.” Which wildflowers are your favorites?

Some of our favorites include daisies, cornflowers and peonies.


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