“Different” DeDe Kimble’s Closure After a Bad Relationship

Pop singer/songwriter and dog-lover, DeDe Kimble, grew up in Pennsylvania creating music and performing her whole life. From a very young age, she knew that music was her calling. Kimble is a self-taught guitar and piano player and began taking professional voice lessons and competitively singing at the age of ten. She continued studying music when she was accepted into her dream school, Berklee College of Music, where she graduated in 2018 with a degree in Music Business & Management.

You wrote “remember why you started” on an Instagram post. What was the catalyst for you to choose music as a career?

For me, music was really all I ever knew. I couldn’t picture myself pursuing anything else- there was nothing I was good at or that interested me as much as music. I just knew from about the time I was 4 or 5 years old that I always wanted to be a performer. I don’t come from a musical family, however they are so supportive and have always instilled in me to follow my dreams. For me, that was music. I love that I can be creative and honest through lyrics and that no matter how you may feel, music is always there.

Missing the stage. If your first show post Covid is at your dream venue, where will you be performing?

I really miss performing and it’s been so hard for me to be away from the crowds. There is just such a special feeling being up on stage sharing my songs with new people. It would be a dream of mine to perform in a festival in the future, although, I am not sure what live music is going to look like for artists from now on.

Taking quarantine to revisit all the Taylor Swift classics. Besides “Blank Space”, what other Taylor songs are favorites to cover and why?

One of my favorite Taylor Swift songs to cover is “False God.” That song is so powerful. I always loved this song but when I heard Ryan Hurd cover this song it brought me to tears. His rendition was so emotional and beautiful. When I cover this song I tend to sing it in the style of him.

Which up-and-coming artists have you discovered during the quarantine?

During quarantine, I discovered Gracie Abrams. When I heard her song “I Miss You, I’m Sorry not only did I choose to cover it in an instagram video, it inspired me to write “Different.” Her lyrics, melody and production are so hauntingly beautiful. “Different” was also inspired by Lennon Stella’s song “Older Than I Am.”

Lately which podcasts have you been listening to?

I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to the “Office Ladies” podcast with Jenna Fisher and Angela Kinsey. I have probably seen The Office at least 3 times all the way through, but I have never fully paid attention to all the detail in each episode. I have loved listening to their podcast on my commute to and from work and then rewatching the episode they dissected. If you’re an Office fan, you MUST listen to this podcast. Each episode they describe the plot, fun facts and talk about the production/recording. It is so cool because most of the actors were just working at an actual desk job before the Office took off and became relevant.

You wrote that you “normally struggle with being creative and writing songs on demand.” What impact do you think being at home these past few months has had on your songwriting?

I did write that! There are so many stressors in life and I am definitely the Queen of harvesting small things and stressing about them. Quarantine was really great for me because it allowed me to digress and relax. I was able to write and create music on my own terms and not feel like “OMG I NEED TO WRITE A SONG!!” This really allowed for my natural flow of creativity to pour out of me. I wrote/co-wrote about 5 songs during quarantine which was really impressive!

New single “Different.” How does the artwork represent the song’s message?

For my artwork, I was really inspired by some of the moodiness of Dua Lipa and Lennon Stella’s artwork. “Different” is really emotional so I wanted the artwork to be dramatic and vibey. When you look at my artwork you can feel what I was feeling when I wrote this song.

Exploring Nashville. Have you explored any new places with Rosie during the quarantine?

Yes! We have taken Rosie on a few amazing hikes at the Warner Parks in Nashville. We went on a social distance 6 mile hike with our good friends and Rosie absolutely loved it. She is so adventurous and athletic so climbing rocks and waterfalls was so fun for her. She has definitely lucked out by getting to go on at least 3 walks a day since her humom and hudad have been home everyday!

What positives have come from being home these past few months?

I am very thankful to have had some time off to really focus on myself. Quarantine was a great time for me to destress and work on my music. In addition, it really allowed me to plan for my future. Over quarantine I began teaching Virtual Voice Lessons and it has been so sweet to get to teach beginner students- I am loving it!






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