Due West’s Latest Album, UNBROKEN, encapsulates the essence of their journeys and enduring friendships.

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Hitmaker Dean Dillon‘s Unwound Records has signed country trio Due West. Pictured (L-R): Dean Dillon, Brad Hull, Matthew Lopez and Tim Gates. Photo: Derrek Kupish

Due West’s latest album, UNBROKEN, is a testament to their nearly two-decade journey, showcasing their trademark harmonies and the culmination of years of collaboration with industry icons like Dean Dillon.

2004, from small Western towns to meeting and harmonizing at a Nashville house party. 2012, you met hit songwriter Dean Dillon, one of your biggest musical heroes. If you could travel back in time and give yourselves one piece of advice, what would it be?

Tim Gates: I would tell myself, “Have confidence and know that you can do it, and carry that confidence into every moment you experience.”

Matt Lopez: I would tell myself, “Be present. Stay in the moment. Enjoy the ride — right now.”

Brad Hull: I would tell myself to “Be patient and know that some of your wildest dreams are still yet to be experienced.”

“Life has certainly had its twists and turns, and the past 10 years since our last album release have surely been seasons of hiatus, discovery, reinvention, adaptation, and resilience — collectively and individually. Now with a few more grey hairs and a greater life-perspective, we’re ready to return to doing what we were born to do. So, no we’re not “back together” …we’re just back!” What are some fun facts about yourselves that most wouldn’t know?

Tim: I have an addiction of collecting old Country Music vinyl records. I have over 1,000 of them.

Matt: I was born with 6 toes on my right foot. My mom thought I was born with two left feet!

Brad: I used to collect clowns as a kid. Most people think clowns are creepy but I had dozens of clown figurines, pictures and other memorabilia all over my room from the time I was little.

Now signed to Dillon’s Unwound Records, you are releasing your latest album, UNBROKEN. The collection combines songs written early in your friendship with newer compositions. The shared vision with producer Dillon was to create an album that would “encapsulate the essence of your journeys and enduring friendships.” How have your similar upbringings and influences shaped your music?

Tim: Being that we’re all three from small towns, we understand the importance of friendship and friendship is what draws success.

Matt: When a person sits down to write a song, they draw from their musical influences and life experiences. The fact that the 3 of us have so much overlap in both musical influences and life experiences is the reason I believe that Due West works so well.

Brad: We all came from various parts of the West U.S. and all followed a common dream of being in the music business in Nashville and to me, there is a common thread of similar musical tastes and similar “country” upbringing that is hopefully portrayed in our music.

Which song on your new release was the most challenging to write and why?

Tim: The most challenging to me was “Waiting On Her” because it was fictional and we were trying to create a story.

Matt: I would say “I Get Those Baby Blues” — trying to keep up with Scotty Emerick and his crazy chords!

Brad: I remember it being a fun challenge writing “Right Amount of Wrong” because we were trying to do something different that had great melodies and harmonies that sit over interesting chord changes. This song was written early on in the project and seemed to set the tone for some more interesting melodies and chord changes.

Photo Credit: Russ Dixon

What are some of your most memorable experiences on tour?

Tim: Experiencing all of the many thrift stores in the many towns that we would pass through.

Matt: Messing with the promo team and playing pranks with them. Also, I may or may not have driven a million dollar Prevost bus down a Wisconsin highway while our licensed driver went back to the bus restroom.

Brad: It’s so fun to play the shows themselves, but it’s very important to have fun and enjoy the people you’re with because that’s where you spend the majority of your time. We love each other and we also love to mess with each other and give each other a hard time about this or that.

What is one message you would like to share with your fans?

Tim: No, we can’t sing at all y’alls funerals!

Matt: I just hope they know how truly grateful we continue to be for the support and encouragement we’ve been given for the last two decades.

Brad: We never take for granted the time that people invest and dollars they spend on our music and our shows. We love you all and are happy you’re willing to join us on this ride.




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UNBROKEN Track Listing:

1. Somebody’s Somewhere — (Tim Gates, Matthew Lopez, Brad Hull, Dean Dillon)

2. Right Amount of Wrong — (Tim Gates, Matthew Lopez, Brad Hull, Dean Dillon)

3. Only Heart I’m Breaking — (Tim Gates, Matthew Lopez, Brad Hull, Dean Dillon)

4. Do All Your Leaving — (Tim Gates, Matthew Lopez, Brad Hull, Scotty Emerick, Dean Dillon)

5. Flying Blind — (Tim Gates, Matthew Lopez, Brad Hull, Scotty Emerick, Dean Dillon)

6. Lessons — (Tim Gates, Matthew Lopez, Brad Hull, Dean Dillon)

7. Unbroken Horses — (Jeremy Spillman, Dean Dillon)

8. Waiting On Her — (Tim Gates, Matthew Lopez, Brad Hull, Dean Dillon)

9. Let Her Go — (Tim Gates, Matthew Lopez, Brad Hull, Dean Dillon)

10. You Can’t — (Billy Montana, Kylie Sackley, Dean Dillon)

11. World Gone Wrong — (Tim Gates, Matthew Lopez, Brad Hull, Dean Dillon)

12. I Get Those Baby Blues — (Tim Gates, Matthew Lopez, Brad Hull, Scotty Emerick, Dean Dillon)