Emily Clair’s “Kiss Strangers”

“Starting over doesn’t have to be so sad. The thrill of indulging in new adventures can also be fun and liberating.”

With an inviting style that resonates from the cherished storytelling roots of country music, Emily Clair’s soulful sound is stealing hearts, gaining fans, and leading her towards the next breakthrough in an ever-rewarding career.

Raised in a musical family. Sang “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” to yourself to fall asleep as a child. Vocal and piano lessons. Talent shows. Recitals. Aretha Franklin. Corrine Bailey Rae. The Chicks. How do The Chicks continue to influence you as an artist?

The Chicks continue to influence me as an artist because of their honest music. I also love how original they are as a group, and their vocals as an overall. The Chicks are a true talent, and will always be a huge musical influence on me.

Acoustic Guitar. Passion. Truth. Lyrics. “Limousine,” saddest and most streamed song. “Me or the Whiskey,” growth as an artist and person because of the song. Stripped, debut EP, live off the floor recording of entire 7-singe catalog (2018–2021), produced by Shawn Moore.

Red Spade Records vinyl collection. “They are a reminder and celebration of how far I’ve come as an artist and a writer. These songs are the soundtracks to the last four years of my life. They are pure and honest, something that this industry truly lacks.” Reflecting on the songs, which one was the most difficult to write?

“The Sobering Truth” was definitely the most difficult song to write off of this EP, because the lyrics are so honest and raw. This song is very personal for me, and when I wrote it, I brought it into a writer’s room knowing I haven’t even met this person before, who is now my producer, Shawn Moore. I was spilling my deepest thoughts out on paper with someone that I hardly knew. This put me in a really vulnerable spot, but these situations allow me to create some of your best work!

“The Sobering Truth” was described to me as “hauntingly beautiful,” by someone that I really respect in this industry and that has always stuck with me. My first four releases, “The Sobering Truth” being the fourth, was my closure to heartbreak. They were all written about the same person, and it was closing the chapter for me on that part of my life.

“Defined by no man, you are your own story, blazing through the world, turning history into herstory. … And when they dare tell you about all the things you cannot be, you smile and tell them, I am both war and woman and you can’t stop me.” — Nikita Gill The Songbird Series, co-founded with Amberlea Bruch, a women-empowered country music songwriters’ round. You prefer intimate venues so you can connect with the audience. Can you share a story a fan shared with you about how your music impacted their life?

“Me or the Whiskey” was a song that really connected with people. This song is about addiction, and toxicity in a relationship and a lot of people could relate to this. When I released this song, I immediately had a lot of messages but there was one in particular that stood out to me. They told me that my song had really helped them get through personal issues in their family home with alcoholism, but what touched me the most is that they didn’t hold back on spilling me the details. My song allowed someone to come forward and open up to me, someone they don’t even know, and tell me their story. This is why I fell in love with music and songwriting, because if my music can connect with someone on a deep and emotional level, then I’ve already made it in my music career.

“Kiss Strangers,” co-written with Bobbi Smith and David Borys. “Starting over doesn’t have to be so sad. The thrill of indulging in new adventures can also be fun and liberating.” First single from up-and-coming debut full-length album Stealing Hearts.

Single added to Apple Music’s Canada’s Country and New in Country editorial playlists and follows five consecutive top 40 singles on CBC Country/Sirius XM Canada (two of the singles made semi-finals of Unsigned Only Music Competition). Women who dwell over a past relationship with ice cream or wine are not welcome. Sassy empowering message for strong single women to move on from heartbreak. How does this song represent the theme of your upcoming album?

My up-and-coming album doesn’t have a specific theme, but we all know I love to write about heartbreak, and many songs on this album are exactly that! It’s a collection of my favourite works that I have written over the past few years. “Kiss Strangers” is another love song, but it’s fun, and sassy and I think it’s important to show diversity, and mix it up with music that is also upbeat!

CMA Ontario Awards June 5. Nominated in the Roots Artist of the Year category. “My goal in this industry is to create music that is genuine and works of art that forever remain true to my roots.” If you were to put together a playlist of Roots Artists for new fans, what would be the top five songs you’d add and why?

Roots Country for me is anyone who strays away from modern/country pop, most people like to just assume it’s music that has more of a folk feel but for me it’s a bunch of intertwined roots that originate from blues, gospel and traditional country. If you listen to most of my releases, they don’t have much of a modern country feel.

Colter Wall “Sleeping on the Blacktop”

Caitlyn Smith “Tacoma”

Chris Stapleton “You Should Probably Leave”

Drake White The Optimystic (the entire album)

Tyler Childers “Feathered Indians”

There isn’t a specific reason as to why I’d add these songs, they are just truly my favourite song from that artist. Each of these artists that I listen to have substance and meaning in their writing and vocal delivery and that what draws me in.

Engagement. Dog, seven-year-old Sadie. Bike season, #ride #shift #sunsets #honda. Dental career. Music career. What else is ahead in 2022?

2022, will be full of high notes, and I think I can say this for everyone! The pandemic has made me realized what I’ve taken for granted, and I can’t wait to get back out there and play as many live shows as possible! I miss live music so much; my focus is to connect and make new fans! I hope to do a small tour around the Ontario circuit, with a few other artists who are itching to play and do what we were born to do!


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