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Emily Daniels Releases Debut Single “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do”

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Rising country singer-songwriter Emily Daniels may be a new face in the music industry, but music is not new to her. Growing up as a Nashville native, Daniels learned to sing and perform at an early age and to this day still feels most at home on stage or in the studio.

Influenced by the lyrical genius Ben Rector, melody queen Tori Kelly, and power ballad country icon Martina McBride, Daniels wants to honor country music traditions with her own modernized perspective. This girl-next-door portrays her witty, honest lyrics through heartfelt, powerful, pitch-perfect melodies. Her infectious catchy tunes are flavored perfectly with a mix of Shania Twain sass with a dash of Maddie & Tae sweetness that will leave you humming all week long. Her music is as head-turning as her signature red outfits.

How did you choose “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do” for your first release?

I actually held an intimate listening party and invited friends in the music industry, fellow songwriters, and just country music fans to come listen to the songs I was thinking about releasing and have them help me decide what to release first through an anonymous survey. They were overwhelming in their support of “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do” which made it an easy decision for me, especially because I already loved it!

What is the single’s backstory?

One of the co-writers, Kelly, had the song idea in her phone for 3 years and randomly mentioned it during a write one day. 2 of the 3 of us were in relationships, but later on broke up, and I realized then that I had subconsciously written it for my future self.

Can you describe the process, idea to production to cover artwork to now release for this song?

The song itself was an easier one to write; it didn’t take us very long and we all just felt right about it. I met up with several producers after the listening party, and one just stood out to me because he kept referencing the same artists that have been big influences in my life. I knew I had to work with him (Zachary Manno) because he understood me and the vision I had for my music and knew how to bring that to life. The cover artwork was a fun idea that came about after seeing a picture on Pinterest of a girl living her best life with pizza and wine. I showed it to my photographer Mallory Holcomb and the rest is history. It felt like the perfect depiction of this song because the singer has gone through a breakup but is better off and feels free.

Saw you mentioned the photographers for the cover artwork are offering a special for projects booked now for a later date?

Yes! Mallory Holcomb and her husband Benjamin Holcomb are the best team! I’ve been working with her for 5 years now and can honestly say she’s magical behind a camera! Ben is insanely talented as well, and they’re offering some sweet deals right now. Message them to talk more!

You ran a fan contest for this release…that included top secret, never-before-heard demos…any chance you’d be sharing some on release day?

I might not be sharing those quite yet, but I will say if you come to a live show, you’ll get to hear some of them in person!

What are you planning for your single release Facebook Livestream?

I just had it and honestly I’m a bit new to livestream world, so it was a learning curve. First of all, the cooling unit upstairs wasn’t working so it was like 80 degrees and we were all melting with the lights on us and couldn’t figure out how to open the window haha. The phone that was streaming Instagram live overheated. Twice. It was honestly a blast though and so cool to hear from people all over the country tuning in!

Five O’Clock Friday is dedicated to breakup songs this month. How do you choose songs to cover? And which song is your go-to song to sing in the shower?

This year we’ve been doing different themes each month which has made it a little easier to pick songs. My guitarist Sarah and I brainstorm song ideas and I also am always taking song suggestions from fans! My shower song is Rihanna’s “Take A Bow” haha :)

The month started with the tornado striking Nashville and now social distancing with the spread of the coronavirus. How are you doing?

I’m honestly doing okay, all things considering. It’s been a tough month for all of us, and I’m just trying to both practice social distancing while also checking in on friends whose lives have entirely changed overnight with all shows being cancelled and businesses letting people go. I’m just praying for peace.

You were booking your 2020 tour dates right before the tornado hit (saw San Diego was suggested in the fan comments — I’ll second that). With actual venue dates on hold, what do you see artists planning in the meantime (like the online shows)?

I think a lot of us are going to continue turning to online shows because we still have music to share with the world and thankfully the internet allows us to do that in non-traditional ways. I already miss playing in person shows, but I realized tonight that I was able to reach more people this way actually. I do hope to go to San Diego to play once all of this is over though!

Nashville is your hometown. What was it like taking vocal training with Renee Grant-Williams (Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill)?

Renee is the best!! I love working with her as she has a way of taking her students to the next level. She’s hard on you, but in the best way. I know I’m a better singer because of her!

Are you currently writing and recording through this difficult time? What can fans do to help support artists?

My roommate is actually a songwriter too so we’ve written a little this week while we’ve been stuck at home. I have a feeling we’ll be able to do more of that in the coming days as well because writing really is a way of coping and processing things we’re going through. Right now, fans can stream my new single and share it with their friends! Honestly that means more than you know ♥️

What message do you hope fans take from your music?

I hope my music helps them feel confident in being fully themselves in all facets. I bring out all the sass in my first single but later songs I’m planning to release show a more sensitive, personal side that is also a big part of who I am. In any case, I want my fans to know that they are not alone, and it’s okay to be sassy and fun one day and in your feels dealing with some hard stuff the next.

Current knitting or cross-stitch projects?

Currently I’m cross-stitching a quote that says “Started from the bottom, now we a lil bit above the bottom” 🤣 I started it in the fall and forgot about it when life got busy but now that I’m home more, I’m hoping to finish it.

And hopefully all the squirrels are camping out far from your car …

Honestly I got in my car the other day and thought I smelled gas and the first thing I thought was “there better not be another squirrel living under my hood!” 🤣 I had to get out in the rain and check — but luckily for everyone involved, there was no squirrel haha.

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