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Empowering New Song from TYPIFŸ “I Am Alternative”

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Merging together multiple genres, TYPIFŸ brings music that inspires and connects his listeners with deeper emotions embedded within each and every one of us. TYPIFŸ incorporates electronic and hip hop with melodic vocals in a multi-instrumentalist performance aimed to captivate from the start.

New Year’s resolutions. You asked fans to share one thing they’re going to do this year that they were unable to do in 2020. Can you share what that would be for you?

A lot of what I wanted to do last year like releasing my EP and looking into playing shows fell through the cracks when covid hit. I really want to get my music out there. That’s truly all I care about is exposing all this creativity and material I have. 2020 really nuked my inspiration — it’s a great time to release music while I settle back into the creative mindset.

You are a product of your environment. So choose the environment that will best develop you toward your objective. — W. Clement Stone You are based in Brooklyn, a borough of New York City. How does the city inspire you as an artist and producer?

That’s an awesome quote. These days it’s honestly really hard to be inspired by “the city.” What really inspires me are the musicians that are just everywhere, all trying to put their mark on the world. I live so close to so much talent, it’s awesome to get to work with some of them.

You refer to yourself as a ‘frequency scientist.’ What role does this play in creating your music catalog, one that runs the gamut from spoken word to techno?

Honestly, I just tried to find a clever way to say “musician” one day on Instagram and it stuck. I guess you could say I really like messing with different sounds and samples. They all make you feel a certain way, can change your mood, emotion. I love to experiment with everything that I think sounds interesting — I don’t lock myself into a genre I guess, I just want to make music that I think sounds cool.

‘2021’s answer to EDM’ — how does your sound compare to electronic dance music?

I say it wouldn’t. EDM is cool, but a totally different style. Tiësto’s In Search of Sunrise 4 was one of my favorite albums growing up — both discs actually. Definitely inspired me to create music that transports you, makes you use your imagination. Most other EDM is in your face and super high energy — I wouldn’t put myself in the same category honestly.

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“After I sobered up and did a massive amount of soul searching, I came to realize that a lot of what I was thinking was all this built up subconscious B.S. and I was really the only one holding myself back.” What tools have you found useful to help maintain a positive outlook?

Remembering how bad it could get — where I was. Having all these dreams and wants, but nothing to show for it. It was all me vs. myself, and I drank and used coke to make it all seem as though it was fine. Got me nowhere man. I feel as though I get most of my positivity from believing in myself, looking at where I’ve come in such a short amount of time. Reading books that help me stay aware and present has changed my whole outlook on things. Positivity just looks so much better on all of us.

“I Am Alternative” was written to share the experiences that made you who you are today. How empowering was it to put these out into the world?

Yeah, it’s really empowering — we all want our story heard and to share something with the world. I feel like we’re mostly taking things all the time so it’s just amazing to put something back. You want so much for it to be successful and to be honest, I’ve realized that doesn’t matter — I think what is most empowering is the fact that I’m doing it — that I’m actively doing what I love and sharing it with people.






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