Exclusive Video Premiere: The “Morning After” — Maddie Leigh Leaves Us with No Regrets

As a child, you loved to listen to country classics from artists like George Strait, Brooks & Dunn, Trisha Yearwood and Faith Hill — all of which helped mold you into the musician you are today. Can you give a few examples about how these artists have influenced your career?

Absolutely! The storytelling in all four of these artists’ songs is what helped develop my love of telling stories through music. Also, Faith and Trisha both have insane vocals! I remember being twelve years old trying to hit all the high notes at the end of Faith’s “There You’ll Be.” Spoiler alert…it didn’t sound too pretty, but it made for a lot of good memories. Growing up, I would also watch videos from George’s concerts and I was amazed by how he could keep an audience captivated with just his music and guitar. That made me realize how important the lyrics of a song were at an early age, and that has had a huge impact on the way I write my songs today. I want to make sure the audience is just as captivated by the lyrics as the performance. The music from Brooks & Dunn is what made me want to get up on a stage and perform. Their songs are just fun and even the slow ones make you want to get up and dance. That is what influenced my both my shows and music to be an experience where people won’t want to sit down.

Currently a senior at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. You have opened for national acts, including Jason Aldean and Tucker Beathard (25th Annual Oregon Jamboree), as well as Honey County. You hope to one day perform at both the Grand Ole Opry and Ryman Auditorium, write a hit song for a major recording artist and record a duet with Brett Eldredge. What steps do you plan to take to achieve these dreams?

My plan is to just keep writing and releasing music, as well as playing as many shows as possible. The only way to get to where I want to be is to keep learning and growing my craft as both a songwriter and performer and the best way to do that is to keep writing and keep singing. Now, as for my plan for recording a duet with Brett, it is pretty much the same, and involves a lot of praying that he will hear my music one day.

Growing up in Temecula, CA, you were raised with a strong foundation of family and faith. How does your hometown differ from Nashville?

There definitely are some differences, but there are also some similarities between the two. Temecula is a medium-sized city, but still has those small-town values — similar to Nashville. Nashville, however, is very different just by the number of opportunities there are to play music. Nashville has unlimited places for live performances and, while Temecula has some pretty good live music of its own, nothing compares to the amount of entertainment Nashville has to offer. Broadway is also something that we do not have in Temecula. Old Town is the closest you will come to Broadway in my hometown and, while it is a lot of fun and you might hear some live music happening from time to time, there isn’t a single honky tonk in sight.

With sassy lyrics like “can’t afford to catch no butterflies, been hurt one, two, three, many times,” your newest single, “Morning After,” chronicles a modern-day love story. Can you take us behind-the-scenes and tell us a little bit about the song? How about the music video?

Of course! So, when we were writing this song, we just wanted it to be kind of a comedic take on that modern day love story. After all, most of us have had at least one experience where you just do something for the fun of it and then realize that the ending is not quite something you expected.

The music video for “Morning After” was so much fun to shoot. I’ve been working with Charlotte Avenue Pictures since I was fifteen and it is always such a wonderful experience. We actually filmed this music video in my room and, before everyone got there, I cleaned my room only to strategically mess it back up again.

You enjoy hiking, horseback riding, paddle boarding and boating on the lake. Have the outdoors ever inspired you to write music?

All the time. As a matter of fact, there is a song I wrote a while back that was mostly influenced by the outdoors and some family members, which I may or may not release at some point. But should you want to know more about that, you can follow me on my socials or check out my website.







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