Album Art Credit: Ashley L. Evans

“Find Me in a Song” Jay Bragg’s Reflective New Album (Vol. One)

Country artist Jay Bragg caught the music bug at his first concert while performing the bluegrass standard “Turkey In The Straw” in his school recital. He was 5 years old. The lights, the audience, the stage and the music all combined to set him on a life long journey of performance and songwriting.

You moved to Nashville after Chris Stapleton encouraged it if you wanted to make it in country music. With the current state of the industry due to the pandemic, what advice would you give to someone who also wants to make it in country music but can’t move right now?

You describe your music as “”. Would you say country has become more genre-bending over time?

As a third-generation professional singer, what song would you cover to honor your grandparents who were Vaudeville performers?

You said the songs on “Find Me in a Song” fit the Texas country world. Which artist would you love to hear cover one of the songs in a Texas venue?

(Figuratively) taking vocal lessons from George Strait as you worked on your own vocal delivery. Which song of his is your favorite to cover and why?

The therapeutic and spiritual nature of cooking. Can you share a favorite family recipe you’ve enjoyed making during the quarantine?

The Moment of Truth” video podcast. How have these interviews helped others in the entertainment business deal with the impact of COVID on the industry?

Breaking Point”. “.” Thank you for lyrics that support us when we face the edge of our limits. Will you be inviting fans on your podcast to discuss how the pandemic has changed their lives and how they deal with the unknowns?

“Closer to Home”. Can you share some of the best memories you’ve experienced these past few months as you returned to your roots?







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