“Neverland” Gracie Carol

For fans new to your music, can you share a brief bio?

Of course! First of all, thanks for reading. My name is Gracie and I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. I’ve always had dreams of being a singer ever since I was little, especially growing up as a triplet I got pretty competitive with it. As we grew I found the love of songwriting and the business of being a performer/artist. After senior year of high school I knew I wanted to live in Nashville, TN, to start my career. That all started once I got accepted to Belmont University to study Commercial Music Voice and Music Business to get a Bachelor’s in Music. I knew I didn’t want to start my artistry until I figured out who I wanted to brand myself as an artist as and if I truly was meant for country music. Long story short, I found it about a year ago with the genre of country but added pop to it. Think of Kelsea Ballerini meets Kacey Musgraves. In July 2018 I released my debut song “Living on the Moon,” and ever since then I have been writing and releasing more and more. It’s everything I’ve ever dreamed! After 2 singles and a music video released, “Neverland” was my 3rd single out, and I couldn’t be happier with the lifestyle I chose.

Life after Belmont University — what are your plans?

Well I plan on releasing more music this summer, and once I graduate, I’m thinking of planning a mini tour to basically test out the waters and see how it goes. And until then I will be on the job search as well. Being an independent artist, I LOVE working in the business which is why I also studied Music Business. I love everything that goes into creating an artist, marketing them, and how to published them/yourself. It all starts with a song/music, but there is a lot more that goes into getting that song heard. I’ve already learned so much from interning at music labels and companies, I would also love to work in the business. As much as I love to help others, I also strive to know more as well for myself. I practically created my own business marketing and branding myself as an artist, and I want to take these skills and share them with others too.

What song would you suggest to someone who is new to country music?

Country Music has changed so much throughout the years it’s crazy that this genre is getting so big with what country can sound like. If you like Country Pop, I would recommend Thomas Rhett or Kelsea. If you like traditional country which these days is now called neotraditional country (new traditional) or country rock, I would recommend Midland and Kacey. I also really love Maren Morris or Luke Combs to check out if someone was new to Country Music.

The windows are rolled down and the stereo’s turned up — what summer song is playing?

I don’t have a specific song but right now I have been jamming to Maren’s new album and just recently Thomas Rhett’s new album. Can’t stop listening!

Where do you draw inspiration from when you write songs and what’s your favorite part about the process?

When I write by myself or think of an idea when I’m co-writing, I have to write from the heart. I have to write what my real feelings want me to get out. Every love song you hear from me, you know I truly wrote it. Most of my songs are written about my boyfriend, and it’s my favorite thing to write about. I could go on and on describe features about him, he’s so good to me he makes it so easy to love him. My heart is so happy I can’t stop writing them. There was even one point in a co-write I said “I cannot think of an idea, I have too many love songs. Let’s write about something bad that happened in your life” and then we ended up writing a break up song. Which was actually pretty cool cause it was a change for me. As much as I like writing my favorite thing is to write love songs, it’s just so natural.

“Neverland” Lyric Video

You’ve said “Neverland” was inspired by Kelsea’s “Peter Pan” and your life’s version of it. Kelsea described her song as an “emotional unevenness” for a couple who can’t connect on the same level. What message do you want listeners to take away from your song? Plans for a music video in the works?

I love Kelsea’s song “Peter Pan.” So much I sang it everywhere to almost every gig. But the song doesn’t describe me, it doesn’t really relate to my life. And when she described it as “emotional unevenness” I didn’t really take anything away from that because I’m not in that type of relationship. When I sing I want others to know that the message comes from my heart, and when I would sing that song they knew I didn’t really feel the message. So that’s when I started writing “Neverland” with my friend Shir. This song has hints of the movie in it throughout the whole song. The movie “Peter Pan” was one of my favorites growing up as a kid so I was trying to relate to as much as possible to the song and the movie. “Neverland” is about a love you feel with another person instantly. The kind of love you feel when you look in their eyes, and it feels like pixie dust, it makes you feel like your flying, it makes you feel like you’re in Neverland with them forever. And I want those who know that if they have this kind of feeling to embrace this love, because that kind is very rare. And thank you to Kelsea and the songwriters for embracing “Peter Pan” into my song with “Neverland” as well.

We will see about a music video :) I would love to do one for this song!

Which new female artists are you most looking forward to seeing this week at CMA Fest?

CMA Fest I always love seeing and hearing about any female in country. My favorite stage is the CMT Next Women of Country Stage, you’ll find truthful artists, songs, and stories at that stage so if you are in town you do not want to miss it. I’m going to shout out Mickey Guyton who I know is going to be at that stage. She has a beautiful story telling unique voice. Such a gem!

For visitors to Nashville this week, what local restaurants/city sites do you recommend?

Definitely the Opry Backstage Grill (which is where I work). The servers are singing servers that get up on stage and sing a couple songs for the guests in the restaurant! It’s quite the Nashville experience.

How do you balance your music with other obligations?

Since I’m still in college, I’ve always made schoolwork come first. In my free time is when I work on music stuff. Once I graduate this coming August I am going to make music full time. While looking for industry jobs of course :)

What’s your favorite thing to do when you aren’t writing or playing?

My favorite thing to do when I need a vacation or relax is either hanging out at home, being anywhere with my boyfriend, or visiting my sisters in Disney World. Most of the time I am always working on something to do with music or school I take those chances whenever I can to do those things!



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