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Honey County Releases Two New Singles — “Cry Wolf” & “Ghost Town”

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Formed in Los Angeles, Honey County (Dani Rose and Sofie Lynn) also has roots in the Bible Belt (where founding member Rose sang her first songs as a Virginia native) and Texas (where Lynn fell in love with country music while studying nursing at Baylor University). That diversity is reflected in Honey County’s music, a blend of contemporary country and timeless pop/rock that makes room for Nashville twang, West Coast harmonies and everything in between. You won’t be able to find Honey County on a map — instead, Rose and Lynn create their own musical landscape: a place where the songs are anthemic, the harmonies are soaring, and two empowered women run the show.

Newer releases like “Woke Up Tired” continue the duo’s tradition of matching supersized hooks with lyrics that shine a light on the modern-day female experience. These songs are rallying cries for anyone who has loved, lost or longed for something just out of reach and their personal details — written by Rose, Lynn and a tight group of collaborators — only make them more universal. Fueled by an appreciation for the country artists who’ve come before them and an appetite for breaking new ground, Honey County is excited to release new music and chase down new horizons.

Which artists did you each listen to growing up that now influence your songwriting and sound?

Sofie: Growing up and still today I remember my dad always having the radio turned to KLOS, he sure does love his classic rock! I think that has definitely played a role in the type of music I like to create, and I know Dani can agree when we say, we’re suckers for a good power ballad. I also studied jazz in High School at The Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, which gave me a real appreciation for telling a story with more of a conversational approach. I love being able to take a song and strip it down to the bare bones, a song just hits differently when it’s executed with simplicity. Singers like Billie Holiday, Norah Jones, Blossom Dearie, are great examples. After my first heartbreak I would find myself relating to every single word of songs like The Way You Love Me” by Faith Hill or LeAnn Rimes’ “Blue, and I definitely see the storyteller in me channeling those emotions I felt then into the way I write now.

Dani: We used to jam out to The Allman Brothers Band, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Heart, Chick Corea & The Doors — then came along Shania, Faith & Tim McGraw — of course life was changed forever after that haha.

Who are some of your top vocal duos of all time? How have they inspired you?

Sofie: Brooks & Dunn is an obvious choice for me. The vocals are undeniable but also the songwriting is timeless, which is all I could ever hope for with the music I write. I also love the electric energy of Outkast. That’s the type of energy I strive to channel as a performer.

Dani: The Wilson Sisters (Heart), Dan & Shay, The Wreckers — vocally and visually all of these artists slay!

In 2019 you were invited by Stagecoach to write an uplifting honky tonk song to remember those we lost at Route 91 and Borderline Bar. You honored the country music community with “Country Strong”. This year brought the pandemic inspired Stagecouch Fest. How have online shows helped you stay connected with fans, while giving them virtual ways, in turn, to show support?

Sofie: Online shows have given us an opportunity to get to know people in a more personal way. It is so interesting the power of the internet. This year I’ve spoken with people from literally all over the world. It’s inspiring getting to know how they’re handling the challenges this year has brought. I also love how it’s given us the opportunity to connect more with our fans by speaking with them when they tune in live directly from our IG shows.

Having your songs played on television shows, like “Cigarette” on Yellowstone. What is the process for these shows to add songs?

We’re so grateful to be a part of the Yellowstone family. The music supervisor, Andrea Von Foerster, is a badass female that likes other badass females and respects a good hustle. She’s been incredibly good to us on this show and we can’t thank her and Taylor Sheridan enough!

Social distanced shows like the ones at Old Crow Smokehouse Orange, Pala Casino, Moondance Park, and the Listening Room Cafe Country Outdoors Official Writers Round. While playing for a live crowd within the pandemic requirements has to be challenging, can you share some positives from those performances?

Sofie: Being able to play live shows during this crazy time has been such a blessing. It was an incredible feeling to see the sky light up with phone lights while playing “Cigarette” at Pala Casino, and although the seats were spaced apart, in that moment it felt like we were all unified through the music. Having that electric moment was so needed. It’s truly amazing what music can do.

Dani: We are really thankful to be able to play some of these live socially distanced shows. We love making people laugh and seeing them enjoy themselves — that’s what fuels us!

Honey County Kitchen Lives, with Jam in the Van, Dulce Vida Organic Tequila and Hangar 24 Brewery. Getting creative with recipes — what are some favorites?

Sofie: Food is my happy place so this question is SO HARD! haha! If I had to pick one recipe it would have to be Pierogis, a traditional Polish dish my family makes every holiday.

Dani: I really loved making chicken soup from scratch — with my mom and FaceTime the entire way haha!

How has having a strong network of female artists helped you through the challenges of the past few months?

Sofie: It has been so nice to see how we all have come together as friends to help support each other. There is power in numbers — the future is female!

Any funny behind the scenes stories from filming TikTok clips?

There are always a million blooper takes from TikTok haha. One of our favorites was when we were finished with the photo shoot for the cover of “Cry Wolf” & we were just being silly dancing to Hall & Oates.

What are the stories behind the songs “Cry Wolf” and “Ghost Town”?

“Cry Wolf” is about that person you’re always giving to, but all they do is take. We’ve all had that person in our lives that only calls when they need something and it takes a lot of courage to stand up and walk away from that relationship. Although a lot of people at our shows relate “Cry Wolf” to a romantic relationship, the actual story behind the story stems from a friendship!

The concept for “Ghost Town” was formed when we were driving down Sunset Blvd. It was eerily empty — shops were boarded up, boutiques were closed. It felt like people just packed up and left. When we brought the idea into our write with Kalie, she drew in the parallel of someone suddenly leaving a relationship while it was full of life and the song was born!

The production on the songs (“Cry Wolf” produced by Maks Gabriel & Katelyn Clampett and “Ghost Town” produced by Maks Gabriel) really made a huge impact on how the stories were told.

Can you share behind the scenes memories from the recent photo shoot/filming in Joshua Tree for the new releases?

We filmed the music video for “Cry Wolf” at Wild Wolf Ranch in Joshua Tree. The owner also happens to be our amazing costume designer, Maranda Nichols Persico, and the place was absolutely PERFECT! Check it out on IG @wildwolfranch! We also got to shoot with our other very good friend and director Jay Diaz, also a creative genius & our best girl Felicia Bade who took care of our makeup. Together we all make an amazing dream team and it was so nice to see these people again for the first time in almost a year! Just as we had wrapped the last night scene for the music video we heard a pack of coyotes howling at the moon and we all looked at each other and laughed.

Creative ways to promote music and merchandise, like hand tie-dying “Woke Up Tired” t-shirts for your last single (Top 10 on Radio Disney Country). What’s coming to the ‘merch’ store for new singles?

It’s a SECRET! :)

What’s being planned for the singles’ release party/show on Oct. 17 at Keno’s Restaurant Anaheim Hills?

We are SO excited for the show this weekend! Because it’s a private show it’s going to have a little bit of zazzle ;) Guess you’ll have to come to find out.

Have you chosen your costumes for the Halloween show in Nashville at Wild Horse Saloon?

We got our costumes a month ago! We can’t WAIT to show y’all what we have cooked up.





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