Jacob Bryant Releases Music Video for the Autobiographical Song “Devil and An Old Six String”

Listening to bluegrass, Southern rock and traditional country growing up in rural North Georgia. Of those artists you listened to, which have most influenced your career?

Keith Whitley is my favorite of all time. But, a lot of others helped mold the sound that I have today. I could definitely say people like Travis Tritt and The Allman Brothers Band also had a huge influence as well.

“Save My Soul.” “The Side of Sober.” “Pour Whiskey On My Grave.” “Best Part of Me Is You.” “Sometimes I Pray.” How has writing these biographical songs helped you through some of the most difficult times in your life?

Music is my therapy — without being able to get those thoughts or feelings out of my head and onto paper and then into a song, I don’t think I’d be here today.

“Pretty cool seeing Naomi take interest in music. Especially the fact that the only guitar she wants to play is the one that I learned on…. Pawpaw handed it down to me and I guess I’ll be handing it down to Omi. Memories I’ll never forget that’s for sure! #ProudDaddy #Blessed Watching your daughter take an interest in music. How can parents nurture their children’s passion for music?

I never want to force any of my kids to play but if they take an interest on their own like I did I would definetely help them along the way if they needed advice or help in any way.

Performing at The Ryman with Dolly Parton, Eric Lee Beddingfield, and Lee Greenwood.

Signing with Thirty Tigers. Having your career trajectory compared to that of fellow singer Luke Combs. One bucket list venue to play, Billy Bob’s Texas. What made this venue so special for you?

All of those things were amazing and so unbelievable to have even happened. I guess momma is up there helping things along haha. And yes, Billy Bob’s was one on my list of places to mark off the bucket and it was everything I dreamed it’d be. Everything is bigger in Texas!

“If you’re not doing something to make someone smile, what’s the point? — 30-day challenge…. Let’s try to do something or say something positive to/for someone you don’t even know for the next month. The world could use some love! What have you done this week that made you feel like you made the world a little bit better? #letsdoourpart @reddirthatco In what ways has this challenge impacted your own life?

I just see a lot of indecision and hatred in the world we live in today and I wasn’t brought up to be that way so I was just throwing out some love and some inspiration to maybe help someone choose to do something nice for somebody else that day and every day moving forward. You have to build a positive mindset to live a great life and that’s what I try to do every day.

Releasing “Devil & An Old Six String” and now “Heartbeat.” What’s the backstory behind these singles?

“Devil and An Old Six String” is very autobiographical and pretty much a true story about how no drug or drink in the world could ever get me as high as music does.

“Heartbeat” is a sexy bedroom song I wrote for my wife with my buddies Wyatt McCubbin & Carson Chamberlain. It kind of has a Dierks Bentley’s “Come a Little Closer” feel. It was a little out of my comfort zone, but I’m glad we cut it now. I really think the ladies are gonna gravitate toward this one!

Upcoming album, Bar Stool Preacher. How will this record reflect your career’s evolution to date?

Just another feather in the cap! Working as an indie artist we know it’s going to be a long, long road so every album or song is just a step up that ladder or mountain if you will. I’m super proud of this one though. A lot of real truths to be found.

Custom jersey, Atlanta Braves. Which Braves player is your favorite and why?

Well, currently Freddie Freeman, but of all time it would be Chipper Jones. And why? I think the stats and things they have done for this community speak for themselves there haha!

“wannabe Grillmaster.” As the holidays approach, can you share some favorite grilled chicken recipes?

I will be doing some smoked/seared chicken breasts on my Recteq 1250 this holiday season. I use a simple Texican BBQ rub, then smoke low and slow for about an hour, take them off, crank the Recteq up to 500 and once put them back on to sear and get some nice grill marks. I like to top it off with some Recteq spicy bbq sauce and eat!








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