Janie Waddell Releases Debut Single “Push a Button”

Donna Block
6 min readOct 19, 2020


Photo Credit: Victoria Metzger

Hailing from Marietta, GA, Janie Waddell was raised listening to musical story-tellers. Ranging from Hank Williams Jr., to Brandi Carlile, to Bryan Adams, she was introduced to the art of crafting stories through writing and lyrics at an early age.

Self-description — “She’s the girl next door, but with a little more grit.” A number of country artists (including Trisha Yearwood, Lauren Alaina, Jennifer Nettles, Kimberly Schlapman, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Sam Hunt, and Kane Brown) are also native Georgians. Can you describe how your Southern upbringing has shaped the country music artist you are today?

Growing up in the South, I was immersed in music, especially country music, from a very young age. Knowing that so many incredible country artists came out of my home state made my dream of becoming a country artist seem that much more possible. It fueled my drive to keep working, writing, and honing my craft, because if they had done it, I knew it was not out of reach for me. I would also spend hours in my bedroom studying their stories and the paths they had taken in the music industry, which absolutely influenced a lot of the decisions and choices I’ve made on my path.

You’ve performed throughout Georgia. Which local venues, like the Dixie Tavern, are your favorites to play at and why?

I love this question! One of my favorites is The Foundry in Athens, GA. It has the coolest setup — there are tables that people can sit at and also standing room by the stage where people can get right up front to