Jason Brownie’s Latest, “Must Be Summertime”

Raised in the ‘boondocks’ of a small southwest Florida town, Punta Gorda. Roots lie deep in love for God and country.

Family and being a ‘girl dad’ to a nine-year-old (and sitting in the parent pickup line when you aren’t performing). Grandfather is your overall life hero. In what ways has your grandfather inspired your music?

I would say my grandfather has inspired my overall career, as opposed to necessarily my music. Just to always be respectful to others, conduct myself with class, work hard, never give up on your goals, never sacrifice character for success, etc.

Bachelor’s degree, Criminal Justice, Hodges University. Working towards a master’s degree in Cybercrime, University of South Florida. How can we best enjoy the internet and stay safe online at the same time?

Never give your personal information to anyone. Always verify the email address you are responding to. There are so many scams out there where the fraudster will change one simple character of an email address to make it look like it is coming from a reputable company. Don’t send strangers money! Also, it should go without saying, but the IRS will NEVER request to be paid in gift cards!!!

Come from a long line of military and first responders. Third-generation law enforcement officer. Florida Real Estate license. How do you balance these careers and your music?

It’s not easy… that’s for sure. I have been blessed that my department is extremely supportive of my music career. I still do real estate referrals on the side to keep my license active, but I am no longer actively practicing.

American. Country. Rock.

“Pretty Girl on the Passenger Side,” debut radio single with the video airing on CMT, filmed in part at Steve’s Auto Shoppe in your hometown. Digital release, “Ain’t How Whiskey Works,” and single, “Must Be Summertime.” How did you plan out the storyboard for the new single’s video?

My record label hired an amazing director, Curtis Graham, to direct this one. We had meetings to discuss my vision for the song and he subsequently put together an amazing storyboard. The video shoot was shot scene-by-scene and his entire crew was outstanding and very professional.

Working with country artist Jeff Bates in Nashville in studio tracking vocals. Goal is to continue playing music, write a hit record, and have a notable artist record one of your songs. Which country artists have most influenced your sound?

Jason Aldean, Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson, Dierks Bentley and many others! Jeff Bates is an outstanding producer and vocal coach. It’s always a pleasure working with him.

Collecting cowboy boots and guitars.

Getting your dream guitar, a Gibson J-45, from Outdoor Republic Apparel. What makes this model your dream instrument?

It’s just a staple in country music. I have so many beautiful guitars, but when you play this one, you can definitely feel the difference.

Boating, weightlifting, fishing, boxing, basketball, and billiards. Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan. What would your Fantasy Football starting lineup look like?

I don’t play fantasy football because I don’t ever want to be in a position where I would have to pull for anyone other than Tampa! Lol

Field of Dreamz Country Classic Music Festival in November at the Charlotte County Fairgrounds. Set to release your EP, Open Road, with Clearwater Records. Will you be playing new music at the festival?

Absolutely! We hope to debut a lot of new songs, and it will be a pleasure to share the stage with great acts like Gary Allan and LOCASH!








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