Jason Charles Miller’s “Better Late Than Never”

Donna Block
5 min readNov 24, 2020


Photo Credit: Joshua Thomas

An accomplished performer with more than two decades of professional experience as a singer, songwriter, producer and voice actor, Jason Charles Miller has quietly established himself as a veteran presence in Americana, country and Southern rock. Originally from Clifton, VA, Miller now lives in Los Angeles, CA where he owns and runs the successful recording complex Central Command Studios.

How’s Iggy doing since he ate tin cans (my beagle Ben ate through a metal crate — maybe it’s a SoCal thing)?

My dog Iggy is literally a canine trash compactor. Besides eating a tin can, he recently ate an entire bag of Halloween chocolate (wrappers included) and suffered no side effects.

Have you had a chance to explore any new places around town with Iggy and Luna these past few months in California (like the cool pattern you found on a hike)?

We’ve been exploring a lot more of Studio City, Sherman Oaks, and Valley Village with the dogs, but most hardcore hiking trails are too much for them. They’re ready to go home after a few hours!

Tolkien Reading Day. Have you found any new authors or series during the quarantine?

I’ve been reading a lot about Charlemagne, doing a deep dive into the history of his court and the overall history of the Franks. Specifically, “Charlemagne” by Johannes Fried, “King and Emperor” by Janet L. Nelson and “A History of the Franks” by Gregory of Tours…hey, you asked!

Epic battles like the one for Dungeons and Dragons. What game would you recommend new players start with?

The D&D Starter Set, The Lost Mines of Phandelver, is great for beginning players!