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Joe Berk’s New Single “A Guy’s Girl”

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What is country music these days anyways? While the genre has in a way become genre-less, it has always meant one thing to Joe Berk — the story of your roots and what you grew up on. Drawing inspiration from R&B, Motown, Rock, and Hip-Hop, the Denver, Colorado, resident has fused those elements with traditional country songwriting to develop a unique sound with witty lyrics and catchy modern hooks.

Country artists also from Colorado include Ingrid Andress, John Denver, and Clare Dunn. Can you share some local artists to watch in 2021?

At the beginning of the quarantine, you shared how you had all the time in the world but found being stuck in the house had drained the majority of your creative energy. As time has passed, how have you been able to refocus and re-energize?

Of the original songs you’ve written this year (including “Breakup in My Head”, “Tourists in Our Town”, “Wall Between Us”), which is your favorite and why?

Doing song covers like The Goo Goo Dolls “Slide” and Keith Urban’s “You’ll Think of Me.” How do you personalize each cover?

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” For fans with future travel plans, where are some of the best off-beat local spots to visit?

Your take on Morgan Wallen’s “7 Summers”. “Miss the Boat”, your own best love story in song, was also seven summers ago. Country music fans are most connected when they relate with song lyrics. Which recent song releases most closely share your own take on 2020?

Releasing new music as an independent artist. How do pre-saves help an artist get added to a big release day playlist?

What inspired the writing session for “A Guy’s Girl”?

Developing the concept storyboard for your new song’s video with social distancing in mind. Any pandemic-related, unique challenges in filming?

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How did it feel playing a live show at the Longhorn Bar in Sutherland, Nebraska, during the quarantine?

Red Rocks Amphitheatre is one of the venues you hope to play soon. Thinking back, what was it like being on stage at your first ever show?

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” Best fan response to the video?

Keeping in the theme of firsts after your first music video, you did your first Instagram livestream. If you were to make a bucket list of firsts you hope to accomplish in 2021, what would be the top five on it?

Random Word Generator Songwriting Challenge. What’s the best song you’ve written that started from random words?

Can you write a song with these random words … star, soothe, seat, abrupt, & lean?

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