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Juna N Joey Release New Single “Drive Me Crazy”

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Photo Courtesy of AristoPR

A brother and sister turned singer-songwriters, Juna N Joey are the music scene’s latest Country/Pop duo. The duo’s popularity exploded organically when they began posting originals and cover videos on YouTube, collectively garnering 5 million views.

Born in Florida, the West Palm Beach natives began their musical journey at a young age. Now 15-years-old, Juna started singing at the age of 4 when she imitated Frank Sinatras cover of L.O.V.E.that she heard while watching The Little Rascals on TV. Now 17, Joey was dreaming of a baseball career at the age of 8, but was instead encouraged to pursue vocal lessons with his sister after a student’s mother heard him sing in the choir.

Growing up in West Palm Beach with both of your grandfathers being professional musicians. Which songs/artists have been their favorites to share with you?

JUNA N JOEY — Our father’s dad lives here in Florida, and we often see him. We talk about music with him, but not the kind of music you would expect. My grandpa talks to us about Italian classical music because that’s what he grew up on. It has benefited us in our career; however, not so much the genre in which we fit into, i.e. country-pop. We have to learn Italian music for school, so he listens to us sing and helps us with breathing techniques and techniques on how to sing with more power. A few summers ago, when we took a trip to Italy, we hung out with our grandpa, and he would just stand up and start singing anywhere he could. You name it, restaurants (quiet restaurants), during tours around Italy, at home. He even has a CD of some songs he has recorded. He is so inspired by music and wants to share it with as many people as he can, and that is what I love most about my grandpa. That is something he has passed down to Joey and I.

My mom’s dad lived in Pennsylvania, so we only got to visit him once or twice before he passed away maybe a year ago. We never really talked about music with him, surprisingly, because we were super young the times that we were together. During the times we were with him, he would always joke with us, and he would help us catch lightning bugs; however, I’ve [Juna] always been terrified of bugs. We had many inside jokes with him, and he was so hilarious, and we miss him so much every day.

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Photo Courtesy of AristoPR

Bak School of the Arts and Dreyfoos School of the Arts. Which classes have had the most impact on your music, from the business side to performance?

JUNA — I would have to say Music Theory and History. When it comes to music theory, that is the foundation for understanding music. Theory has helped me out with knowing the fundamentals and the basics of music. We learn everything from how many beats a note gets, to intervals, to writing scales, and more. The class also helped my songwriting. In theory, we learned how to write chord progressions, which comes along with learning your scales, and it is all tied together.

When it comes to history, I learned about the history of music and musicians, which teaches me how music has evolved and what it was like for musicians back in the day. I learned about musicians’ personal lives, how they worked, what conditions these musicians lied in, and what they had to go through in those times to be successful. One of my favorite groups of musicians I learned so much about was The Temptations. We watched documentaries on them and read articles about them. I learned how they had to work together as a group through all their struggles, which is one of the many things I have applied to Joey and I’s situation today because we do go through our own struggles and disagreements. But, we both know we only have each other in the end.

JOEY — Taking music theory classes helped me with learning chords and different harmonies. Like Juna said, It has helped me learn the basics of music. Music theory taught me the number system and taught me about understanding chord progressions and how chords go together. In the chorus class, I sang a lot of music. I sang a lot of baroque, classical music, and music in different languages. In English class, we watched documentaries about famous singers, how the music industry is no joke, and how success comes with a lot of hard work. We learned about tips from these musicians on how to make it to the big leagues.

How have your teachers adapted their lessons/assignments while everyone is learning from home?

JUNA — My teachers have adapted very well to online school. We do virtual meetings, they post daily assignments, and we make online notes. Our teachers are also super understanding when it comes to difficulties with technology or wifi problems. I honestly can say that I am more of a fan of online school than in-person learning at school.

JOEY — I felt like I was at school even while I was home. Online school is just as helpful as being in a real school. I like online school more because we can chill at our house and pretty much be on our schedule. We also get to make more music because we have more time in between school and classes. I, too, enjoy being at home and taking classes online more than going to school.

Vocal lessons to being classically trained. How does the training influence your vocal styling?

JUNA — The training influences my vocal style because I learn so much about training my voice and making sure I’m singing in the right way and not hurting my vocal chords. I also learn from vocal lessons on how to add unique nuances to my voice like runs.

JOEY — Having the ability to retain classic training and the total opposite, country-pop style training, allows me to combine the two techniques I learn from studying each genre to create a unique vocal style that gives me a distinctive sound.

Posting covers on YouTube. Which song has been your favorite to cover to date?

JUNA — My favorite song we have covered on our YouTube channel would be “Mary Did You Know,” because I LOVE Christmas. We recorded that one in the studio and worked with an awesome videographer to film the video in a sick location. It was in a public place, and we had these big cameras and lighting, and cars would drive by and stop to watch us and ask our parents about us, ha. Oh, and of course, I loved my sparkly dress and clear heals! It was overall a really fun and exciting day, and I was so proud of the recording and the video. I just couldn’t wait to put it out to our fans for them to see it.

JOEY — “Santa Tell Me” was my favorite song to cover because I liked showing off Juna and I’s silly side by dressing up in onesies. I love the holidays as well, and I am a huge Ariana fan, just like Juna. We both love the stuff she puts out, and her songs are super catchy.

Best memory from your time on Nickelodeon America’s Most Musical Family?

JUNA — I had a lot of favorite memories. That trip was so magical, especially the performance day. We got to meet the celebrity judges. I was freaking out when I met David Dobrik. I couldn’t believe I met all of them. They were all so incredibly sweet and such nice people. We then sang the song and did warm-ups for like 2 hours until we went. We were so nervous, and we couldn’t wait to get out there and just sing our hearts out. I would say waiting to go on was the worst and most challenging part. Another favorite memory was from the first day we went on the set. We met with all the other families and had lunch. We all sat around the couch and talked to each other. Everyone was so fun and just down to earth, chill people. My last favorite memory was when we had In N Out Burger for the first time. This is a very stereotypical fantasy for a tourist, but it was better than my expectations, and I miss it!

JOEY- My favorite memory from going to LA and being on Nickelodeon was performing on a professional stage with great lighting and equipment that you don’t see every day. The sound system was insane. Even being in the state of California was a dream. We saw two celebrities: Rudy Mansuco and the other being the one and only Jojo Siwa. It’s crazy just to see celebs walking around. Another memory I had in LA was when we went shopping and bought some cool clothes, which we will probably use for some photoshoots. The beach was fun also!

The pandemic has created challenges for all artists, especially for newer performers. How have you been able to stay connected with fans these past few months?

JUNA — This whole situation has been a crazy experience. We have been doing lives on all social media platforms, and that includes going live with fans so we can see them face to face. We have been posting to all social media newsfeeds and stories so our fans can stay updated on our lives and what’s going on over here. We have also been taking the time to think about the future and what projects we want to take on for when we can leave our house and travel again. We miss going on tour, playing shows, and meeting fans in person so much, and we can’t wait to be able to do that again.

JOEY — We consistently do Livestream performances weekly, which helps us connect with our fans. When my sister and I perform on the phone, I honestly perform the same way as if I was on a big stage. I miss playing out, selling march to fans that support us, and especially going on tour. Touring is probably my favorite thing, and it’s the biggest thing that I miss because of quarantine. Once we can, Juna and I want to perform everywhere.

Releasing a new single co-written with Austin French. What message do you hope fans take away when they listen to “Drive Me Crazy”?

JUNA N JOEY — We hope fans take away two things: 1. Be more spontaneous, and 2. love people’s differences.

The whole story around the song was a real story that happened in real life. We had a plane ticket to Nashville, and a write planned the next day we got into town, which we had booked because that was the only time it worked for both of our schedules. So as we were on our way to the airport, nearly 10 min away, we see that our flight was canceled. We were devastated because we knew that if we booked a trip to fly out the next day, we would miss our write. So we said, you know what, we’re hitting the road. We turned the van around, and we started driving the whole 11 hours. It was probably the most spontaneous decision we have ever made.

We want fans to take away the message that it’s okay to be different. That is what makes up a person, their differences. In the song, we talk about how this person does crazy weird stuff, and they are not like the rest, and we finish that off by saying, that is what we love about them. Nobody is perfect, and no two people are the same. We are all different, and we all need to accept that and just love each other for who they are and understand that being different isn’t a problem or a personality flaw, its a blessing.

What creative ways will you be promoting the new single (and any upcoming releases) this summer with no radio tours or scheduled shows?

JUNA — Right now, we are just trying to promote it through our social media platforms as much as we can. We are also trying to do interviews to get the word out. Right now, our only promoting resource is the Internet, so we are trying to use that to the best of our abilities and take advantage of the fact that everyone is pretty much always using the Internet right now.

JOEY — At this moment in time, we are doing Livestreams to promote singles, and we are regularly posting about it. We want to start posting more frequently on TikTok because the popularity is growing there.

High School Icon. The entertainment platform is designed to showcase talent and discuss the issues students face today. How did you choose the song you auditioned with?

JUNA — We chose the song we auditioned with rather quickly. We chose a song called “Anchor” that Joey and I wrote around two years ago. This song was a perfect representation for their platform. Students and kids all over the world struggle with every kind of bullying every single day. The reason we chose this song was to get this message out to as many people as we can and save at least one if not hundreds of lives with this song. We want kids and students to know that bullying should not be accepted, and you should not just take it. If you or someone you know is going through a buying situation, DO NOT hesitate to tell someone. Teachers or parents or guidance councilors are there to help you and make you feel comfortable 100% of the time.

We have talked to some of our fans one on one, who have gone through bullying, and hearing these stories tears us apart. We just want to be there for as many of our fans as we can. With everyone using technology every day for online schooling due to COVID 19, cyberbullies have all the time and resources they need right at their fingertips. This is a dangerous thought because cyberbullying rates are going to skyrocket, and unfortunately, many people think the only solution from online bullies is suicide. We need everyone to know that taking your own life is NEVER the answer, and there are so many people in this world that love you.

JOEY — Juna and I are on the same page when it comes to helping fans through bullying situations. We chose this song to spread the message of love and positivity through high school icons platform so that this message can be exposed to as many people as possible. Juna and I will always stand against bullying, and allowing our song to be premiered through high school icon allowed us to get people on our side to fight against students and anyone else being affected by bullying.

“Anchor.” Bullies are invasive threats to one’s well-being, no matter your age. So hard to be able to trust someone to help you deal with those people while internal walls are inevitably being formed. How have you seen music heal the pain and allow students to move forward?

JUNA — We have seen multiple comments and have received numerous DMs from our fans, which most of them are students, saying our song has helped them through their bullying experience and that makes us so happy to know we could help someone who is going through something so appalling and something that sadly so many people go through daily. When people listen to our song “Anchor,” we want them to feel safe and loved. We want them to think about all the positive things in their life and know they aren’t the only ones being affected by a bully.

JOEY — We did Livestreams three times a week with an organization that helps with bullying, and this organization was called Teach Antibullying. The organization mentors and guides people that are victims of bullying by comforting them and supporting them.

Looking ahead to America’s Got Talent. The reality show is not limited to any one particular type of act. While staying true to yourself, how can you make your performance stand out?

JUNA — We plan on standing out by using our sibling harmonies in our performances. Joey and I, being siblings, can harmonize with each other on a level some duos cant achieve. Joey and I connect through music, and we want to use our country-pop style and harmonies to be that best we can be.

JOEY — We can make our duo stand out by executing a country-pop vibe with harmonies. We also stand out because we are brother and sister, and we can always practice harmonies, which is pretty cool.

Living through such an uncertain time. What’s the best advice another artist has shared with you recently?

JUNA — Some advice I have received from another artist is to play as much as we can and be safe. Artists have to get used to online shows, which is a whole new skill you have to get better at because performing in front of a screen and front of a live audience are two different things. It is challenging to switch to something completely different in such a short amount of time.

JOEY — During these times, musicians should take advantage of the time to practice and strengthen their talents. Make sure to interact, post, and talk to the fans because that is a huge part of music that is sometimes hard to achieve when you are busy or have school, like Juna, and I do. Lastly, don’t stress about these times because stress will make things worse.

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What positives have come out of the quarantine/stay-at-home time for each of you?

JUNA — Some positive things that have come out of staying at home are that we’ve had the time to plan for our future. Now that Joey and I aren’t spending our time playing shows or traveling, we are doing a lot of talking and putting together ideas that pertain to our career. We want to hit the ground running when the quarantine lockdown is fully lifted. We have also been doing a lot of recording. We have recorded some covers for our YouTube channel and some music for a project we have coming out soon. We want to say to everyone, stay safe and healthy, and even though it is tough, make the most of your days!

JOEY — Some positives of being at home are that Juna and I have been writing more music, which will add to our music repertoire. We also have been getting a lot of sleep. After all, we need to get sleep now because we have a big road ahead and a lot of hard work to do in the coming months.






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