Juna N Joey Release New Single “Drive Me Crazy”

Photo Courtesy of AristoPR

A brother and sister turned singer-songwriters, Juna N Joey are the music scene’s latest Country/Pop duo. The duo’s popularity exploded organically when they began posting originals and cover videos on YouTube, collectively garnering 5 million views.

Born in Florida, the West Palm Beach natives began their musical journey at a young age. Now 15-years-old, Juna started singing at the age of 4 when she imitated Frank Sinatras cover of L.O.V.E.that she heard while watching on TV. Now 17, Joey was dreaming of a baseball career at the age of 8, but was instead encouraged to pursue vocal lessons with his sister after a student’s mother heard him sing in the choir.

Growing up in West Palm Beach with both of your grandfathers being professional musicians. Which songs/artists have been their favorites to share with you?

Photo Courtesy of AristoPR

Bak School of the Arts and Dreyfoos School of the Arts. Which classes have had the most impact on your music, from the business side to performance?

How have your teachers adapted their lessons/assignments while everyone is learning from home?

Vocal lessons to being classically trained. How does the training influence your vocal styling?

Posting covers on YouTube. Which song has been your favorite to cover to date?

Best memory from your time on Nickelodeon America’s Most Musical Family?

The pandemic has created challenges for all artists, especially for newer performers. How have you been able to stay connected with fans these past few months?

Releasing a new single co-written with Austin French. What message do you hope fans take away when they listen to “Drive Me Crazy”?

What creative ways will you be promoting the new single (and any upcoming releases) this summer with no radio tours or scheduled shows?

High School Icon. The entertainment platform is designed to showcase talent and discuss the issues students face today. How did you choose the song you auditioned with?

“Anchor.” Bullies are invasive threats to one’s well-being, no matter your age. So hard to be able to trust someone to help you deal with those people while internal walls are inevitably being formed. How have you seen music heal the pain and allow students to move forward?

Looking ahead to America’s Got Talent. The reality show is not limited to any one particular type of act. While staying true to yourself, how can you make your performance stand out?

Living through such an uncertain time. What’s the best advice another artist has shared with you recently?

What positives have come out of the quarantine/stay-at-home time for each of you?






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