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Justine Blazer Releases the Motivational New Song “Just Sing”

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Nashville-based producer, singer, songwriter, composer and recording artist Justine Blazer has been taking the musical world by storm — earning seven #1 singles on various independent charts. Her unique style of edgy country/pop/rock is infused with a hint of Detroit soul and modern vibes.

Studying vocal, music theory, piano and opera at a young age. How did winning the Nationwide Ram Trucks Battle of the Bands competition launch your professional career?

It helped me reach a new audience — a more commercial and brand orientated audience. It gave me an identity where people could connect me and my music to a major brand and corporation. I was able to do so many amazing new things because of that. My opportunities skyrocketed. I played the Chrysler Headquarters, The Texas State Fair, The Austin Rodeo, The NFR Finals in Las Vegas 3 years in row and more. Had a blast working with those folks!

Partnering with Machine Shop Productions to master all your tracks for clients. How has the new partnership helped you to make ‘big, clean and punchy mixes, with different techniques and approaches’?

Yes, Machine is a legend! He has produced Lamb of God, Gym Class Heroes, Fall Out Boy, White Zombie and more. We met at a conference and we just clicked. I thought, what better way to stand out in Nashville than to have an iconic Metal Producer master my music? Haha. Be different, be bold. I want my stuff loud, big and punchy and he does just that! =)

Signing a licensing deal with Autotune, to create dynamic, dimensional and signature harmonies and stacks. Taking masters classes (Learning Mix with the Masters Sylvia Massy) and teaching a vocal production master class for the Music Expo Virtual Conference. Even learning to play drums for a track. “If you try and fail, congratulations. Most people won’t even try.” Definitely making great use of time in quarantine. What have been the greatest behind-the-scene challenges working remotely from clients?

Just capturing their vision and interrupting what they want can be a challenge. Since they are not there in person, I have to go off of my gut and my instinct. I’m doing production by brail, more or less, sometimes. I have to just take risks and challenge myself to channel them as an artist and fit their sounds and their vision. It’s tough but after awhile you get to know what they like and we always get an amazing result! I love a challenge.

Invited to be a member of the recording academy/GRAMMYS. Becoming a Grammy Advocacy District advocate to urge Congress to act on key Covid19 priorities for the music community (including small business loans and unemployment). What changes need to happen to keep artists and venues afloat?

We need more federal funding. The music industry is in bad shape. To help keep us afloat, we need money from the state and federal level. We actually have money available but they haven’t allocated that money to us yet. I urge people to get involved and contact their state senators, representative and legislatures to help us with this dire need. Get involved and use your voice!

“Raise it a little bit louder, the notes fuel my power…” Signing a distribution deal with Sony Orchard MC1 Nashville for “Just Sing.” How do the continuing pandemic restrictions affect distribution of new music?

It’s tough. Things are moving way slower than normal. For most of the companies, the staff works from home now because of Covid. Things are usually backed up more than usual. Plus, more artists now are releasing music, so there is more content than ever before.

“…singing is what I love to do and this is about new hope and new beginning as we go into the new year…” What’s the message you hope fans take away from your new song?

To just go one more day. That’s all you can do. Just stay inspired and positive the best way you can in this crazy time.

What new projects are you working on in your new Ten7Teen Studio?

I am working with a handful of amazing artists on their new singles, EPs and music videos. It’s a ton of fun! I am so proud of them.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” — Albert Einstein What helps you stay creative after 15 years in the music industry?

Just mixing things up! Learning new things! Trying new things! Try to have fun everyday and not take it too seriously. Keep setting new goals and that keeps the creativity high!

“The only validation and approval you need to seek in life is your own.” Time off … cats, naps and snacks. What are you excited about or grateful about in your life right now?

I am grateful that I am healthy. I have the willpower and energy to keep going and inspire others. I am grateful for my family, friends and supporters.







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