Justine Blazer Releases the Motivational New Song “Just Sing”

Donna Block
5 min readDec 9, 2020


Nashville-based producer, singer, songwriter, composer and recording artist Justine Blazer has been taking the musical world by storm — earning seven #1 singles on various independent charts. Her unique style of edgy country/pop/rock is infused with a hint of Detroit soul and modern vibes.

Studying vocal, music theory, piano and opera at a young age. How did winning the Nationwide Ram Trucks Battle of the Bands competition launch your professional career?

It helped me reach a new audience — a more commercial and brand orientated audience. It gave me an identity where people could connect me and my music to a major brand and corporation. I was able to do so many amazing new things because of that. My opportunities skyrocketed. I played the Chrysler Headquarters, The Texas State Fair, The Austin Rodeo, The NFR Finals in Las Vegas 3 years in row and more. Had a blast working with those folks!

Partnering with Machine Shop Productions to master all your tracks for clients. How has the new partnership helped you to make ‘big, clean and punchy mixes, with different techniques and approaches’?

Yes, Machine is a legend! He has produced Lamb of God, Gym Class Heroes, Fall Out Boy, White Zombie and more. We met at a conference and we just clicked. I thought, what better way to stand out in Nashville than to have an iconic Metal Producer master my music? Haha. Be different, be bold. I want my stuff loud, big and punchy and he does just that! =)

Signing a licensing deal with Autotune, to create dynamic, dimensional and signature harmonies and stacks. Taking masters