Kacey V Releases Debut Single “Jealous”

Maybe it’s something she learned growing up in New York City, but Kacey V doesn’t hold anything back — especially not in her music. Kacey’s lyrics are candid and unashamedly direct, embracing everything from highs & happiness, to loneliness & anxiety. Her powerhouse vocals and distinctive melodies take these sentiments to the next level, creating pop music that is undeniably impactful. Her inspiration comes straight from the songs and voices of the Billboard Hot 100, including those of female icons like Sia, Tori Kelly, & Ariana Grande.

Kacey has been making these genuine connections with fans for over a decade. She has performed at several renowned venues in NYC, including The Bitter End, The Cutting Room, 54 Below, and the St. George Theatre, as well as in Nashville at venues including The Listening Room and The High Watt.

Fondest musical memories growing up in New York?

My dad used to take us to see Broadway shows every so often which we would LOVE. I also went to high school in Manhattan, where I’d have choir concerts and other shows around the city — the venues were beautiful!

Do you recall any songs you sang in your preschool class?

I think I loved Christmas music, so when that time of year came around, I would totally sing them in class (and at home)!

What was your favorite musical theater show you performed in?

The first show I ever performed in was Snow White when I was 8. I actually got the part of Snow White — nothing ever compared to playing a princess!

Carole Bayer Sager also graduated from LaGuardia High School of Music & Art. Did you write any songs in high school that you’d record now?

I did! I wrote a lot of songs about never giving up and resilience in my life and career at the time. Those would definitely still apply today.

What was your favorite class at Berklee College of Music?

My favorite was an R&B voice class. It challenged me as a singer, and learning the history behind the music was always inspiring.

Favorite New York venue to play?

The Bitter End! That was the first venue I ever played in Manhattan, and it’s still my favorite place to have an intimate performance.

You play guitar — what other instruments do you want to learn?

I play guitar and piano, but I’ll admit it — I should be practicing both more!

You said that it wasn’t until you moved to Nashville that you started creating pop music that felt like yourself. What was the turning point?

I really enjoyed the process of writing with other pop artists and writers in town. When I focused solely on those writes and on the pop music that I loved, I started to understand what I wanted to say, and how I wanted that to sound.

What inspired your new song “Jealous”?

I always want to be real in my music, even if that means letting listeners in on everything I’m feeling. “Jealous” is me revealing a not-so-cute side of myself, and the overthinking and anxiety that often creep into my relationships.

How did you choose it your debut single?

It came together perfectly in the studio, and it showcased my voice, personality, and sound in a way that I felt would relate to listeners and help them know me better:)

What suggestions can you offer for others who also deal with overthinking and anxiety in relationships?

I’d say to remember to give yourself some “you time”. Turn off your phone, and find a quiet moment — it’s totally okay to feel anxious sometimes, so give yourself that love and space.

What’s an average day like for you as an artist?

Singing — always! I’m a voice teacher and that’s how I make money to create and promote my own music. So my days are filled with music and singing constantly, whether I’m writing then teaching, or teaching then writing.

As you’re working on new music, you shared an acoustic version of the song “So Good”. How has your writing evolved in the past year?

I started out writing country music, but over the past year, I completely embraced my passion for pop music.

Listened to your cover of Lady Gaga’s “A Million Reasons”. What’s your favorite song to cover?

Wow that’s a great question! That’s hard because I love so many, but one of my favorites is always “Lay Me Down” by Sam Smith. I love singing songs originally sung by males and making them fit my voice, but “Lay Me Down” is also just a beautiful and emotional song that always connects to audiences.

What life lesson have you learned from another artist’s song?

My favorite song is “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” by Judy Garland. The lyrics are so simple but so powerful. “Birds fly over the rainbow, why then, oh why can’t I” is such a beautiful lyric, and the song always inspires me to stay hopeful no matter what.

Social media can be a great way to connect to fans. Can you share a story of meeting new fans online?

I’ve been able to connect with fans all over the world. I met someone in Nashville originally from Germany, so she went home and shared my page with her friends. Now we’re all connected on Instagram!

If you can have your fans remember one thing about you, what would it be?

I want fans to remember that I appreciate them so much. I’m so grateful for love and support that they continue to give me.

“Friends” fan-did you help Jennifer Aniston “break” the Internet? What’s this year’s Halloween costume?

Of course I helped Jen break the internet! I love seeing the cast all together again! Last year for Halloween, I was Janice from Friends, so there might be another Friends surprise this year. We’ll see!

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