Kendal Conrad “Come To Your Senses”

You’ve said “Come To Your Senses” is about dating frustrations. Definitely something that resonates on first listen. Know I’m not alone as your initial streams show it to be true for so many! How did you choose it to be your debut single?

Listen to “Come To Your Senses”

And I have to ask about the 5 senses — their role in dating? Which ones are your favorites? Favorite sights? Sounds? Saw your post from Stinger’s Waterfront — would your favorite tastes include salmon? Smell? The Homesick Pennsylvania candle? And, of course, touch?

What is it like singing the National Anthem like you’ve done for the New York Mets and at other venues?

Congrats on recently being named a Semi-Final winner of Atlantic City’s Got Talent. Would you go on another singing show like you did on NBC 10 Talent Search and MTV Copycat? What song would you audition with if you did?

Saw you’re opening for Adam Doleac. You’ve also shared the stage with Chris Lane and many others. Country music scene on the east coast — how would you say the crowds compare to the ones in Nashville?

What was it like seeing Keith Urban post that your duet with him was one of his favorite “Raise ‘Em Up” Tour moments? Dream duet partner?

Watch Kendal & Keith Urban “We Were Us”

How’s the New Years’ resolution to play new places going so far this year? Favorite venues to date? Bucket list venues?

Saw you’ve also acted in a post-Broadway production of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. How does performing before a crowd of concert goers differ from an audience of playgoers?

Published author and songwriter. How do the two styles of writing differ?

You’ve said that “music has no rules, and that’s what I love about it.” How has your music stretched the no boundaries?

What’s the synopsis for the dark fantasy/horror novels you’ve written? Were they inspired by any of the horror films you’ve watched?

Favorite authors/novels? Books on your to be read list?

Competitive bocce ball. What else do you and your family love to do together?

Read you wrote a song, “Imagine”, for your mom. What inspired that write?

How close are you to owning a pair of cowboy boots in every color?

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“Come To Your Senses” Artwork & Photography by Atomos Photography

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