Kenny G and Busch Light Come Together Creating Possibly the Smoothest Super Bowl Advertisement of All Time

Kenny G is helping to bring to life the historic and iconic Busch Beer ‘Head For The Mountains’ jingle this Super Bowl. After launching more than 40 years ago, the jingle featuring the lyrics “it’s cold and it’s smooth, and it’s waiting for you” gained huge popularity and tremendous staying power. It only made sense that the best person to both pay homage to this vintage jingle while simultaneously modernizing it, would be Grammy award winning smooth jazz saxophonist and best selling instrumentalist of all time Kenny G.

“Busch Light is about smoothness and refreshment, and if you’re familiar with my work, it should be pretty clear why this partnership works so beautifully!” says Kenny G. “For this project, we tapped into the Busch Light archives and came up with a really energetic reprise of ‘Head for the Mountains.’ I’m excited for the fans to hear my sax on it, and hope they can enjoy the spot with a cold Busch Light in hand on game day!”

In addition to this advertisement marking a very special collaboration of two legends of smoothness, it’s also a notable event as this will be the first time Busch Light will have a major presence in the game in five years. Bringing the ballad back to serenade Busch fans this year also coincides with the current all-time high of the brand’s popularity.

Kenny G is currently on tour for his latest album, New Standards. Marking his first studio project since 2015, the album features his distinct crossover style of classical orchestral luxury and traditional pop influence from artists like Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald. His HBO documentary “Listening to Kenny G” is out now, on HBO and HBO Max.



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