Kindred Bravely Unveils Brand Evolution — Featuring Innovative Site Functionality — By moms. For moms.

Donna Block


Kindred Bravely, mom-favorite maternity and nursing brand, proudly debuted innovative new website features, as well as a new campaign, “By moms. For moms.” as part of its exciting brand evolution. Rooted in the company’s core values and history, “By moms. For moms.’’ celebrates the beauty and resilience of all moms — and the transformational journey of motherhood.

“We’re thrilled to debut our brand evolution and updated website, which really centers on our passion for supporting moms. As moms ourselves, it’s a privilege to be on this journey with other moms, and since we’ve been there, we know how much help they deserve. Our incredible new website features will help moms make the best choices for pregnancy and postpartum products. Plus, being a part of the By Moms. For Moms. campaign video with my own daughter was such a treat!” — Lisa McNeill, CEO

As a company built and run primarily by moms, Kindred Bravely understands how demanding motherhood can be, and provides invaluable support, through its thoughtfully designed products and uplifting community. In 2015, co-founder Deeanne Akerson was struggling to find comfortable nursing pajamas, so she decided to design her own. From that simple idea, Kindred Bravely was born. Today, the mom-led company offers award-winning nursing and maternity clothes, hands-free pumping bras, best-in-class customer care, and relatable content — all intended to make things easier for moms.

In addition to updated branding, Kindred Bravely has implemented new functionality to its website, specifically designed to simplify the lives of moms.

Introducing a range of new website features and tools, including a fitting guide, expanded product imagery, upgraded navigation systems, and educational tools such as the ultra-helpful Bra Style Guide and parenting blog resources, the team at Kindred Bravely thoughtfully curates every detail to best support moms at every stage of the motherhood journey.

From the beginning, Kindred Bravely has sought to support moms with gold-standard breastfeeding and maternity clothes, exceptional customer care, and encouraging content.

Generosity is the company’s north star, and to date, it has donated over 101,000 bras and over $4.6 million to organizations that support underserved mothers. Kindred Bravely is more than just a company; it’s a community of real moms (and dads, too!) with the shared goal of supporting moms. And with this exciting brand evolution, it will be able to expand that reach.