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Lauren Davidson To Debut “Love Ain’t Fair” At Valentines Day Show In San Diego

Country Music Association (CMA) Artist and Recording Academy. (Grammy) Member Lauren Davidson is a New York City/New Jersey based singer-songwriter with a unique and powerful voice. Davidson has created her own sound and memorable songs in a style that she calls “Urban Country” as a nod to her city roots and unconventional stories in the Country/Pop/Rock genre. She comes from a musical family, singing and performing with her father since childhood and later writing songs together.

First show of all original music five years ago at Arlene’s Grocery. Can you describe the “view from the stage” (what was it like seeing fan reaction to your songs) and how you chose to debut there?

I remember being so nervous for this first show but seeing a packed house of mostly familiar faces at that time made me feel so loved and supported at the start of this journey. I had a lot of friends who were musicians and had played Arlene’s and I’ve gone to watch and support and I just loved the NYC club vibe. It wasn’t intimate in the sense that people were sitting down and I wanted a place where my band could rock out and Arlene’s is perfect for that!

Coming to San Diego this Valentines weekend — what can fans expect at the shows? Your new song “Love Ain’t Fair” will definitely rock the venues! Of your new love songs why the anti-valentine song to debut on, of all days, Valentines Day?

I am so pumped to head to the west coast. I’ve actually never been to San Diego so that’s really exciting. We’ve planned a super rocking high energy show and I’m beyond excited to perform “Love Ain’t Fair” for the first time with my band on release day! None of the songs on this Love Ain’t Fair EP are traditional love songs which is why we chose to make this song the title track as it sets the tone and the mood. As for a Valentines Day release — it felt pretty appropriate and a little sassy for a day where love is thrown around in everyone’s face- to acknowledge that love is many things but it isn’t fair.

Love comes in many forms as your upcoming EP showcases. With this new release you co-produced for the first time. What did you learn from the experience?

It was a really awesome experience creating music with Cris Castro and Dave Ricco who I’ve shared the stage with for years. We are making music essentially without rules, boundaries or even a timeline. Even from the first moment we started listening to demos of all the songs I wrote and getting reacquainted with songs that have been sitting on the shelf we knew we could just take our time and get lost in the creation process which I never had the freedom of doing in the past. I really learned the ins and outs of what I like musically and it was really interesting to get to explore ideas because we weren’t bound to a timeline.

Stepping away from the traditional views on love. What inspired these songs? How difficult was it to put pen to paper thinking outside of the box?

It’s funny because I didn’t write for this project. I had a bunch of songs I had written over the past year or so and I sat down to listen to all demos and work tapes and selected the songs for this EP which was untitled at the time. Basically I just picked the songs I really loved and wanted to share and after I realized there was this underlining theme. These were all non traditional love songs but we’re all somehow centered around the theme of love and relationships. It sort of just worked itself out in that way.

Urban Country Jam at The Cutting Room on the 22nd. How did you come to be involved in this night for storytelling and music? What food and drink do you recommend at The Cutting Room for new fans?

Well I had this idea that I wanted to host shows and eventually create a festival in the NYC area for a long time and that this was the year it was going to happen. My father who I write with and do business with helped me come up with the idea and we were thrilled to book an amazing venue — The Cutting Room. I crafted the line up myself with artists who were great storytellers and I’m really excited to see this vision come to life! I’m simple when it comes to food and drink but a glass of wine and cheese plate — grab a table and listen to some stories- you’re in for a special night.

From Arlene’s to your last 2019 show in Cincinnati, how do you remind yourself to stay present in the moment and soak up every second?

Putting this song out has really helped remind me. I mean how can you sing “I’m soaking up every second” and not be reminded take this in take this all in. I’ve always been one to celebrate the little moments. This music world especially can be so hectic and crazy and as an independent artist I’m wearing so many hats — It’s so easy to get caught up in what’s next but every time I’m on a stage I just breathe it in and make sure to soak it all in!

Your ‘rock & roll soul’. Do you find your songwriting crossing genre lines? Do you envision adding a new mix of instruments as your music evolves?

I think that in country music in general there are so many artists crossing genre lines that we don’t even realize it because the umbrella for commercial country music has opened so wide over the past few years but definitely. That’s why I called my music from the start Urban Country- pulling from pop rock and country- in a sound that is uniquely my own. It’s really cool to not have to answer to anyone musically. I think at first I was worried to sound different because you want to fit in and sound like you could be on the radio or compare to artists at a level I hope to get to but fortunately I quickly realized people will accept me for who I am and I can just write music and produce music I connect to- music that tells MY story. We can push genre boundaries and add guitars — one song can sound more pop and the next more rock if we want as long as we stay true to the story we’re trying to tell.

The Garden. Sold out shows. Asked to join the Academy. Last year was a list of many milestones. What do you hope to check off your list in 2020?

Well I said in an interview with NY Country 94.7 that I hope to sing my original music at The Garden which I got to check off this January- it was wild! I hope to travel to some new states this year and open for a few new artists. I plan to get all this music out which I’m really excited about as well and hope to release my first full production music video.

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What is it like playing Whiskey Jam? It began as an underground writer’s night and has grown into a place for fans and artists alike. What makes it such a special place for music lovers?

I love attending WJ anytime in in Nashville and I wanted to play so badly. It was like this is the Nashville thing to do for an artist or writer. I got to play last year in February for the first time and it was so electric. I was really excited to return last month. It’s special because people show up to hear music and support whether they know who you are or not- it’s an energy unlike anything else I’ve experienced and so cool to see how it’s grown!

Anything special planned for your Today In Nashville appearance on March 26th?

I think we’re going to play the second track off of this Love Ain’t Fair EP before it’s been released but that hasn’t been confirmed yet. I’m really looking forward to that performance!






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