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Lilly Winwood Releases “Few More Records” Video

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In 2015, Lilly Winwood needed a vacation. The countryside of her native Gloucestershire, England felt too familiar, and London was, in her own words, “so big, so expensive, and reeked of havoc and loss and all that good stuff.” So Winwood hopped on a plane to Nashville, where she’d spent childhood summers visiting her mother’s family. The plan was to come back to England after a few weeks — but the vacation never ended.

Recently you posted, “drove to Louisville for absolutely no reason … and idk I feel like a human again.” Self-care is so important. In what other ways have you taken time for yourself these past few months?

I completely agree, self-care is very important! Especially as it’s been getting colder outside, things have been getting a little depressing staying at home and not being able to see loved ones around the holidays. I take a little time out of my day every day to check in with myself and my emotions through journaling. It also helps with writing songs too.

When we last spoke you shared, “I wrote “Few More Records” in Mobile, Alabama, whilst stuck at a friend’s house due to all the interstates back to Nashville being shut down due to ice storms. Mobile was my last stop on a tour and all I wanted to do was get back home but it seemed like every time I would get on the highway the traffic would be so backed up that I would just turn around and stay for another day. The song is about being burnt out as all hell but still sticking to your guns and knowing that playing music isn’t all fun and games, it’s a job!” As the pandemic and its restrictions continue, venues and live concerts have been shut down, causing great financial losses for musicians. Right now streaming shows appear to be the only way to reach fans stuck at home. How else can fans support their favorite artists?

I think another way fans can support musicians is by buying merchandise or maybe checking to see if they have a virtual ‘tip jar’ like a PayPal or Venmo they would be willing to donate to.

Did you create the visual storyboard for the song’s video? In the video you are confronting fears by dancing with your ‘demon,’ rather than giving in. Your hope is to “show people you don’t always have to sit around hating the world around you — you can see the positives and beauty in something ugly and make the most out of it.” The impact of the negative events have far outweighed the positive ones in 2020. Looking ahead to 2021, how do you see the music industry changing with the times?

Stacie Huckeba and I worked together to create the vision of the music video, and we both wanted to create this ‘demon’ character and we thought it would be great to create a dancing scene to literally portray ‘dancing with your demons’.

One thing I think that could change for the music industry for the better would be the fluidity of foot traffic at concerts. I recently went to a Jason Isbell concert at The Caverns in Pelham, TN and we sat in pods to watch the show, I was very impressed with how careful and how quick it was getting people in and out of the venue and how people were so great about listening to instructions. It just made everything so much easier for the staff and the audience- there was no traffic and it went so smoothly.

Your debut album, Time Well Spent, will be released next year. You were able to record at the High Cotton Recording Studio with your band in October. Was this the first time working with producers Alex Munoz and Allen Thompson?

This was my first time working with Alex. He brought such a great direction and sound to this record and he is truly a genius! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Allen but never before with him in the producer chair — he did such a great job of bringing our vision to life.

With the holidays approaching, what goals have you set for yourself in 2021?

I have a few goals set as little incentives to keep me writing more — it’s easy to get lost in the flow of life and lose track of doing what you love most. I’m trying to not let that happen.






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