“Live Laugh Love” Lauren Davidson

Since the age of 10, singer/songwriter Lauren Davidson has been performing professionally by putting her unique voice on display. One of Davidson’s greatest joys is being on stage and collaborating with other musicians. She comes from a musical family, singing and performing with her father since childhood and later writing songs together. She continues to co-write with him today in addition to other writers on the music scene.

What are your fondest music memories growing up?

Hanging out with my family and my siblings and performing in Community Theatre.

Can your remember the first time you wrote a song?

I can’t. I think in some ways I’ve written almost all my life — melodies and poems and just never committed to it being songwriting. The first song I seriously wrote was “Hear Me” off my first EP with my father.

What is the country music scene like in New York City? Favorite venues in the city?

Its growing for sure. With country radio all major artists come through and that shines a light on the genre which is amazing. My favorite NYC venue to go see a show at is Irving Plaza and I hope to play there someday.

As an ‘urban cowgirl’, how does living outside of Nashville affect your perspective?

I think everyone’s story and journey is different and I just try to write about what I know whether that is specific to city/urban life so to speak or happiness or heartbreak. Those are the same no matter where you are but I think living outside of Nashville makes me a little different and I hope I never lose that piece of me.

Saw you recently opened for Thompson Square and the Marshall Tucker Band — your top songs for each artist?

So amazing!! Honestly ironically both bands most popular songs are my favorite. Thompson Square- “Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not” but they played some of their new music which was great too! For MTB obviously- “Can’t You See” but it was so cool to see them play live and jam out!

What is the best concert you’ve seen and what made it so special?

Probably my first concert ever seeing Bryan Adams. You never forget your first.

What’s the backstory to your new single “Live Laugh Love”?

It’s basically a sassy revenge song. It’s about a girl who’s found out her mans done her wrong and she’s going to have one last night of fun before she leaves.

What is it like writing with your dad? Are you currently working on songs with him?

It’s awesome because we know each other so we’ll and aren’t shy about being honest when we don’t like something or aren’t feeling it. We are still writing and have some songs in the works in addition to other writers I’ve been writing with.

Which artists inspired you to become a country singer/songwriter?

I always said I didn’t grow up on country music but that’s not true. I was heavily influenced by the women of the 90s in that country/pop crossover genre. Shania Twain, Faith Hill, Martina McBride.

Being part of the The Recording Academy/Grammys — what does that mean to you?

It’s an incredible honor to have been nominated and accepted. I’m looking forward to this new chapter

How does an independent artist go about getting music played on different platforms?

Being an independent artist is a full time job — let’s just say that- I put a lot of time and effort into connecting with not only my fans but others in this industry to push myself as an artist and my music and I’m so happy people have been responsive and supportive!

What do you like to do in your free time, when you aren’t performing or writing?

Free time?? What’s that? Haha free time is very limited for me but I’m pretty much a homebody and like to chill out and binge watch/catch up on tv. Or see my friends.

What is something fans might be surprised to know about you?

I used to travel the world performing on a cruise ship.

A movie of your life is being filmed — who are the leads?

This is a tough one! I’m obsessed with Sophia Bush so I’d like her to play me so I could meet her.

If you were granted one wish, what would you use it for?

Lifetime happiness and success.

Thanks so much for taking the time! Check out my new single “Live Laugh Love” @laurendavidsonmusic — LD





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