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lovelytheband announces upcoming album with release of new single “idwgtyp”

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lovelytheband is announcing the release of their long-awaited new album “conversations with myself about you,” along with an accompanying single “idwtgyp” (an acronym for the chorus’ lyrics “i don’t want to go to your party anymore”).

The announcement arrives on the heels of their recent single “i should be happy,” a track highlighting the importance of mental health awareness, as it chronicles the lead singer’s struggle with anxiety and depression. At a time in our culture when transparent conversations about mental health and the state of the world are so vital, the band is leading the pack with their lyrical honesty and personal vulnerability.

From meeting while bar-hopping in Los Angeles and linking up through Instagram, lovelytheband invited fans on their journey with “Welcome to this new adventure.” Can you share some adventures you’ve been on that have shaped your music?

This band has been a wild adventure to say the least. The first time we all three really even hung out together was on our first tour, the fact that we even liked hanging around each other was a miracle in itself. Through the countless flights, shows, wild nights and songs over the last few years, we’re so excited to be embarking on the second chapter of this adventure together.

While surrounded by your own ‘walls of Jericho’, how hard is it to open up about your personal mental health struggles in your music?

With writing songs, we hardly know what they’ll be about until they’re done. So opening up kinda comes subconsciously when writing together. Dealing with and improving mental health is an everyday journey, writing songs seems to help move that journey along a bit. Creating awareness and then discovering an issue that one of us is dealing with that day after the song was written is something that we have become accustomed to.

How has having no boundaries in your music helped you connect with fans who find themselves silenced on sensitive issues?

We know every band says this, but we truly have the best fans in the world. They are so open, accepting, and judgement free. We just hope people like the music, to be completely honest, our songs help us. So to have other people find some kind of personal connection to a theme or issue in one of those songs is the highest compliment we could ever get.

Was there a specific event that inspired your new single idwtgyp (i don’t want to go to your party anymore) or is it more a statement of the all too real struggles many of us face on a daily basis?

idwgtyp is a song about a broken relationship, trying to make it work and then getting fed up with the lack of efforts on your partners part and slowly watching yourself go crazy trying to fix things.

What message do you hope fans take away from your upcoming full-length album, conversations with myself about you?

Narrowing it down to a single message definitely is hard. This album was written after the craziest 3 or so years of our entire lives. Our mission statement since day one has been, “it’s okay to not be okay” and it still remains true with this second record. Coming to terms with mental health and comfortably having an open conversation about it is hard to do, especially right now during these trying times. Which just shows that the conversation it truly is an ever evolving thing. We hope people love this record as much as we enjoyed making it.






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