Medium Exclusive Animated Music Video Premiere: Dani Felt’s “Queen” — An Unapologetic Narrative of Female Empowerment

After years of honing her singer-songwriter craft, Dani Felt is ready to make her pop debut. The Philadelphia-born artist recently left the East Coast to make a new home for herself in Nashville, and the move means far more than greater opportunities in music — it’s also emblematic of a larger transition in Felt’s artistry.

Philadelphia-born. Which hometown up-and-coming artists are on your playlist?

Matias, he is from Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.

Kevin Somerville, he is from Pennsylvania.

Jordan Siwek, New York City.

Alethea Buchal, New York City.

Jack Mason, Texas.

The Walnut Street Theater is the oldest continually running theater in the English-speaking world. Growing up, what was your favorite musical theater role and why?

I enjoyed watching Annie, Oliver Twist, Mama Mia and many more there! An incredible theatre and I loved watching the musicals.

As far as my favorite musical theatre role, if I could play anyone it would be Elphaba from Wicked.

From your Instagram bio — “If Imagine Dragons and Lorde had a baby.” Which songs of theirs are your favorites to cover and why?

I don’t usually cover these bands but they were huge influences for my song Queen. The songs I cover most are Rolling In The Deep” by Adele, and any musical theatre songs such as “Out Tonight” from Rent. I also love Carole King!

Besides being a singer/songwriter, you work as an artist coach and run a music industry network for business. What advice would you give new artists wanting to learn more about the business side of the industry?

Build your brand. Know your sound and where you fit in the music spectrum. Take it one step at a time. Have patience. Practice awareness and due diligence. Advocate for your own music. You are your biggest promoter. Keep picturing the big vision you want. Stay focused. Find your lane. Do one or two things great. Never be afraid to reach out to people but do it with tack. Start a conversation. Do not make it just about you and your music. Stay grounded.

Almost ten years between new releases. How does “Queen” represent you as an alternative pop artist?

It represents who I am now which is a female empowered boss who goes for what she wants and takes action steps to get it. Whether that is branding for a new music project, attracting new soul mate clients or writing and recording with new producers or for sync. Never be afraid to go for what you want.

“To feel like a queen is as simple as believing you are one.” How does the word ‘queen’ empower you?

It helps me step into my power, my voice, my edge. My wants and needs. We are all Queens, sometimes we just forget to wear our crowns and look in the right mirrors, metaphorically speaking.

Did you develop the original concept for the music video?

For the music video or lyric video? For the lyric video I collaborated with Nayeli Lavanderos. For the animated music video, I collaborated with my video partner Sebastian Rivera.

You said that “the ultimate direction for my music as an artist is to impact people when they hear my music in some way.” Which artists have most influenced the music you create?

Every musical theatre show has influenced my life the most. I also love Adele, Sia, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Kelly Clarkson, Rihanna, Lorde, etc. However, I blast broadway tunes on the daily for so much inspiration. Musicals I love are: Mean Girls, Dear Evan Hansen, Hamilton, The Heathers, Beetle Juice, Rent, and it goes on. Though lately I have been diving more into writing for the sync licensing world and so I have been focusing more on music for tv and movies such as dark pop, haunting songs.

Earlier this year you started the Facebook Dani Felt Music Fan Club. How has it allowed you to stay connected with fans through the pandemic?

I started this Facebook community to share news early with my fans. It has let me connect with my fans in a faster way than just sending a generic email blast.

Suggesting many ways fans can stay inspired — through meditating, journaling, reading, praying, loving, visualizing, imagining, creating, writing, and singing. As the quarantine continues, where have you been turning for inspiration?

Oh I have been really into tapping, emotional freedom technique. It is where you tap on meridian points to help release subconscious self sabotaging thoughts and patterns. It is based on feeling emotions and then letting them go. When we do this it helps shift the energy between you and the people you are feeling the emotion with as well as yourself. Some examples of things it can help with are: self hate, anger, frustration, jealousy, sadness, fear, anxiety and much more. I have been doing this a lot since March and it has helped me become extremely self aware of what emotions come up and the reasons behind those triggers. This has been so effective with my clients that I now offer creating custom tapping videos for my clients to help them so they can tap along for whatever they need. Whether that is stage fright, not feeling worthy of making money or asking for money, fear of getting their music out there, fear of being famous and more.

Aside from tapping work I do a lot of journaling, meditating, singing, and writing. During quarantine I also started developing a tv show which I am still in the middle of working on.

For some reason entrepreneurship and business has always inspired me so I always channel all my creativity into creating new projects whether that is music or tv shows.






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