Medium Exclusive: Louisiana Native Sara Collins “Something Southern” Premiere

Exclusive Premiere Listen “Something Southern”

Sara, can you share a brief bio of your career to date for new fans?

I started playing gigs at the age of 12 at the local restaurant my voice teacher owned. At 16, I played my first “big” show opening for Hunter Hayes. Since then I’ve opened for other big names like Sam Hunt, Kane Brown, and Morgan Wallen. It’s been a great journey with so many wonderful memories over the years!

How has growing up in Louisiana influenced your music?

The live music scene in Louisiana has been a great influence to my music. There’s a lot of country music played there, but also Zydeco and Swamp pop which are two of the coolest genres of music you will ever see played live.

For someone new to country music — what classic songs and artists would you add to a playlist to introduce them to the genre?

Any songs by Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, or Willie Nelson are a great representation of what country music is. Also, Coat of Many Colors by Dolly Parton or Crazy by Patsy Cline.

Which artists did you listen to growing up? How have they influenced the music you create?

I listened to everything country growing up from Johnny Cash to Reba McEntire. My parents are big classic rock fans, so I also listened to a lot of Fleetwood Mac, Queen, and Elton John growing up.

Have you had the opportunity to share the stage with any of the artists who have inspired you? If so, can you describe the full-circle moment?

Hunter Hayes and William Michael Morgan were both very inspiring artists when I opened for them. They were both very down to earth guys and they gave me a lot of advice. Hunter and I are both from Louisiana so that made it even more awesome having that connection!

Stage debut at Carnegie Hall for an honors performance series. What was that night like?

It was incredible to get to sing with such talented people from all over the world. Carnegie Hall is such a beautiful place that words can’t even describe it. That trip to New York was something I will never forget. I still keep up with some of the girls from the choir, too!

From “Lovesick Cinderella” to “Secrets” and now to “Something Southern” — how has your music evolved?

When I was writing the songs for “Lovesick Cinderella” I was really just getting into writing, and that was my first time co-writing. “Secrets” was a completely self-written album and a time in my life where I was still experimenting with what I wanted to write about. “Something Southern” is the first song Thomas and I wrote together and it really just came from my love for the South. I’m so proud of this song and how my writing has evolved over the years.

Can you share the backstory to “Something Southern”?

It was the first time my co-writer Thomas and I had written together. He’s from California and I lived in Louisiana at the time. We were getting to know each other and we started talking about the differences in California and the South then we kinda just got “Something Southern” out of my love for the South.

Listen to “Something Southern”

What do you hope your fans take away from your music?

I hope my fans find that they can relate to my songs. I try to take what i’m going through and make it to where most people can relate and feel the emotion that I felt when writing.

Saw in your profile you are a ‘thinker’ and ‘coffee drinker’. What are your favorite coffees?

In Louisiana, we have a brand of coffee called Community Coffee and I’m a really big fan. We order it online now and get it shipped to Tennessee. I love any coffee though.. iced, frozen, lattes, I’ll drink it all.

Your post that “life is better at the lake”. Favorite day trips on a boat in Tennessee?

Life totally is better at the lake. I could stay on the boat all day as long as I’ve got sunscreen! I’d love to say that tanning is my favorite part of being on the boat, but all I do is get sunburnt.

Is there anything you wish you’d be asked in an interview?

Which do you like more? Playing music live or creating new music?

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