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Steven John Simon was born and raised in Louisiana. The family man loves being a single father to his two children, Navika and Cole. After serving in the Marine Corps., Simon works in the oil field, as did his father and most of the men in his family. The main reason for pursuing a music career now is to show his children that “anything is possible if you WORK for it! No one will hand it to you, you have to make it happen.”

You auditioned on “The Voice” because Navika, your teenaged daughter, wanted to it and, to show support, you also tried out. What was the experience like for you both?

It was a great bonding experience for us to go through together. Even though we didn’t make the show, it’s something that we’ll always have together. We did not get through but ultimately it was my practice video on Facebook for the audition that got me picked up by my label Heart Songs Records.. so there is a win win!

Will you be writing and singing with Navika in the future?

I absolutely plan to include her in my music career. Music is a way for us to connect. She is an indie artist and I share her music out to my fans. She also plays the ukulele!

Is your son Cole also interested in a music career?

He is actually. He’s been in his school band for a couple of years and just made the high school marching band as an 8th grader. I’m hoping he keeps an interest in music.

Love the design of your logo-did you create it?

Yes I did come up with the logo design.

What other creative aspects of your music do you get involved in-like album cover artwork?

I try to be as involved as much as possible in every aspect of my career. My label is great about making sure I’m comfortable with the product that we’re putting out there.

How did you choose “Tongue Tied” as your debut single?

It was just such a cleverly written song that I really felt people would enjoy listening to. I wanted something that would get stuck in your head, and this song was the perfect fit!

Watch “Tongue Tied” video

Josh Gracin was in the Marine Corps when he was on “American Idol”. Were you able to pursue any singing opportunities while you served?

Unfortunately not. At that time in my life I knew I enjoyed singing but hadn’t started pursuing it as anything other than a hobby.

What is your current engineering position in the oil field?

I’m a Subsea Engineer. We operate and maintain the Well Control equipment called the Blowout Preventers. They’re basically a huge set of valves that sit on the ocean floor and are remotely operated from the rig in the event of an emergency.

How do you balance being a single dad with two careers, one in music, one in the oil industry?

There’s not a lot of down time. My kids are both active with band, soccer, swim, music, so it becomes a juggling act when you’re trying to do those thing for them and trying to practice with my own band, make gigs and work. But when you have a passion for something you find a way!

“Life Is Good”

Your new single and lyric video for “Story To Tell”-can you share the story behind the song?

“Story To Tell” was pitched to my label and I instantly knew I wanted to record it when they shared it with me. It really does tell my story of growing up. I wanted to get out of my small town and live a life that when all is said and done I’ll have this great story to tell, make memories. That’s a big reason I joined the Marine Corps.

Label Owner Jill Pavel says, “Not only did I think this would be a perfect song for Steven, I really wanted him to work with the songwriter Rob Carona. Rob is an emotional writer and I felt this song would challenge Steven and help him raise the bar on his vocal styling. It worked, we are all very proud of the collaboration with Rob, Larry Beaird and Steven.”

What was it like hearing the song brought to life by so many great musicians in the studio?

I’m always amazed at the level of professionalism that these amazing artists bring to the table each time! It’s almost robotic, but in the most artistic way possible. They’re so good at what they do it’s effortless. Not to mention they are all musicians with resumes that leave my mouth hanging wide open. It is always an honor to work with Larry Beaird and his team. Larry has been a supporter of mine since I walked through his doors for the first time.

What role did you have in conceptualizing the lyrics to what we see in the video?

The song was written by Rob Carona, so this is a joint effort by the entire label team.

What message do you hope fans takeaway from the song?

I hope this song inspires people to get out of their comfort zones and take chances. If we stay stuck in our same ruts our whole lives, we’ll never know what could have been. Get out and live a little!

What else can fans look forward to hearing on your upcoming EP?

I’m really looking forward to fans hearing my last song “Could Have Been Me”. This was a song I’ve been wanting to write for a while and it gives such a powerful message about veterans and the issues they deal with post-combat.

How did you come to be an ambassador for the American Cancer Society?

I was nominated by someone on the committee and they contacted me to ask if I was interested. I jumped on the opportunity! If there is anyway that I can use my position to help others in need I’ll always do it.

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How can fans contribute to your Toys 4 Tots 2019 holiday toy drive?

We will begin announcing drop off locations around town and they can simply stop by one and drop off an unopened toy for a little bit or girl! It’s that easy! We’ll pick up and gather the toys and deliver them to the local Marine Corps Reserve unit to be distributed.

What do you wish you would be asked in an interview?

Want a beer? Lol

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