Meet the Journal Helping Kids with Self-Discovery

Known for their award-winning productivity journal model, BestSelf has released the Little Hero’s Journal, putting their habit-changing framework into a new format for kids. The journal implements a 13-week self-discovery adventure that empowers kids ages 7+ to develop a self-care routine, even at that young age.

The secret sauce to BestSelf’s success is its daily activities that challenge readers to develop new skills and put their goals into action by tracking habits and making minuscule changes each day which invite a habit of reflection and personal growth. With prompts such as ‘How do you feel today,’ ‘Check in with yourself,’ and even practice pages, parents, students, even child therapists are raving about the new journal.

“…Little Hero’s Journal should be a go-to for any parent or teacher of children ages 6–9. Utilizing the precepts of positive psychology and cognitive therapy, Little Hero’s Journal provides motivation for positive behavior and growth for children ages 6–9. The engaging graphics are joy-filled and inclusive. The regular practices of journaling, gratitude and behavior tracking suggested in the Journal have strong empirical support as methods for addressing mental health issues both before and after they are identified. And, in a world where “just be nice” has become bumper-sticker and t-shirt worthy, the emphasis on benevolence is appropriate and relevant,” said Jane Hellwig, PhD, Clinical Psychologist.

BestSelf’s claim to fame revolves around its weekly habit trackers — with the ideology that small, consistent changes are easier to swallow than one big change, the Little Hero’s Journal encourages kids to practice new habits a little at a time and often. For example, doing something for 10 minutes a day, rather than an hour a week, integrates an internal schedule which can be marked in the journal until it becomes a habit. Kids are encouraged to write down five habits per week and color in the days that they stuck to their habits. These habits can be as simple as practicing gratitude and giving out more hugs or can conquer the dreaded homework routine that you just can’t seem to nail down.

When you take on a challenge, BestSelf knows how rewarding it is to see how far you’ve come. The Little Hero’s Roadmap does just that — kids have the opportunity to reflect on their past week, and see how they performed on their habits. This gives parents the ability to see how the journal is helping their kids and what changes to make based on their feedback. The Little Hero’s Journal is specifically designed to cater to your child’s needs.

To learn more about the Little Hero’s Journal and BestSelf, check out their website to start on your child’s journey of self-care today.